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Hostage Situations

  1. awful things
    Dozens of Hostages Rescued After Special Forces Storm Mali HotelMore the 100 were believed to have been taken captive after gunman stormed a luxury hotel in Bamako.
  2. things that are scary
    Florida Gunman Killed After Deadly Shooting Spree and Hostage Standoff [Updated]He shot six people before barricading himself in an apartment with two others.
  3. crimes and misdemeanors
    Hostage Situation in Lower Manhattan May Have Been a False Alarm [Updated]Tied to the 2010 murder of a Pace University student.
  4. crimes and misdemeanors
    Three Children Rescued After 37-Hour Trenton Standoff [Updated]Their mother, 13-year-old brother, and the men who took them hostage are dead.
  5. hostage situations
    There’s a Man Holding Three Children Hostage in Trenton [Updated]After killing their mother.
  6. scary things
    Man Who Took Child Hostage Had Bombs in Bunker, Wanted TV InterviewFBI agents made their move when Dykes came up for supplies.
  7. scary things
    Alabama Hostage Crisis Ends With Child Alive, Kidnapper DeadThe FBI moved in and made a rescue.
  8. scary things
    Alabama Boy Begins Third Day in Shooter’s Underground BunkerHis kidnapper is said to be a “survivalist type.”
  9. shootings
    Shooter Kills School Bus Driver, Takes Child Hostage in AlabamaThe child is being held in an underground bunker.
  10. hostage situations
    Watch the NYPD Conduct Hostage Rescue Drill at the Boardwalk Empire SetGet down! Get down!
  11. local heroes
    Florida Woman Who Hit Gunman With Purse Puts Purse on eBayFor charity!
  12. hostage situations
    Man Holds School Board Hostage, Draws ‘V’ on Wall, Shoots SelfWhile secretly being filmed.
  13. sad things
    Wisconsin Student Who Held Classmates Hostage DeadThe 15-year-old had shot himself.
  14. hostage situations
    Wisconsin High School Students Reportedly Being Held Hostage by Fellow Student [Updated: Hostages Released, Gunman Shoots Self]He’s got a gun.
  15. breaking
    Update: Hostages at Discovery Channel Headquarters RescuedA gunman obsessed with overpopulation has created a crisis in Maryland.