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House Arrest

  1. house arrest
    Kevin McCarthy’s Tarnished TriumphHe finally got the Speakership he wanted, but at what cost?
  2. live blog
    Kevin McCarthy’s Humiliation Finally Ends: Live UpdatesIt took 15 rounds and some messy late-night drama, but McCarthy was finally elected Speaker.
  3. just asking questions
    C-Span’s Editorial Director on the Network’s Biggest Week EverBen O’Connell says “a deep bench of pros” is responsible for this week’s unusual, riveting footage from the House.
  4. house arrest
    No, the Anti-McCarthy Rebels Don’t Represent ‘The American People’The Republicans opposed to Kevin McCarthy keep insisting they have some kind of mandate from voters, though they don’t have a shred of evidence.
  5. house arrest
    This Is Not What Democracy Looks LikeContrary to the claims of conservative pundits, the GOP’s mutiny against McCarthy is not a sign of the party’s democratic vitality.
  6. house arrest
    Kevin McCarthy’s Allies Are Just Fighting for His Ego NowWith each failed ballot, it’s becoming clearer that a Speaker McCarthy wouldn’t be worth the massive concessions to the rebels and damage to the GOP.
  7. house arrest
    A House Without Rules Makes for C-Span Gone WildInsults about public drinking? Crazy video-game memes? Marjorie Taylor Greene acting normal? It’s chaos on the Hill.
  8. house arrest
    The GOP Is More Ungovernable Than Ever BeforeEven with Fox News, Donald Trump, and the GOP Establishment united behind Kevin McCarthy, House Republicans still won’t toe the party line.
  9. house arrest
    Kevin McCarthy Is Only Barely Better Than His GOP EnemiesThe idea that the wannabe Speaker stands for civilization against the vandals of the far right misses his extremism.
  10. house arrest
    Kevin McCarthy Is Stuck in PlaceHe’s still far from becoming Speaker of the House, and it’s anyone’s guess what happens next.
  11. the national interest
    Why House Republicans Keep Eating Their OwnA party that refuses to share power turns its rage inward.