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  1. Why Nuking the Filibuster Could Be Part of a Debt-Limit DealWith conservatives now threatening to take must-pass legislation hostage, they could get together with Trump and permanently end Democratic leverage.
  2. House Budget Proposes Cuts to Medicare, Taxes on the RichThe House GOP wants the president to break his promise not to cut Medicare, for the sake of funding regressive tax cuts.
  3. Cruz Amendment to Senate Health-Care Bill Now Dividing GOPInitially praised as brilliant, Cruz’s idea of letting insurers offer cheap, skimpy health plans is now looking like a deadly threat to sick people.
  4. A Debt-Limit Crisis Could Arrive Sooner Rather Than LaterHard-line conservatives in Congress who are angry about deficits may find a way to take a debt-limit increase hostage.
  5. GOP Prepares to Make Case Poor People Must Sacrifice So Rich Can Get Tax CutsWhispers are emerging from Capitol Hill to that effect.
  6. How Fred Upton Resurrected Zombie TrumpcareIt looked like the GOP congressman dealt a coup de grâce to the bill on Tuesday. By Wednesday he was back onboard and had changed the momentum.
  7. House Conservatives May Revolt Against Spending DealAfter the GOP got rolled in negotiations over a major spending bill, disappointment on the right may mean Democratic votes are necessary to pass it.
  8. House Democrats Threaten Shutdown If GOP Votes on Zombie TrumpcareAs the House nears an agreement on a one-week spending bill, Democrats warn that a new Trumpcare vote would be a deal-breaker.
  9. Moderate House GOP Leader Says No to Zombie TrumpcareCongressman Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania is a key player in Trump’s renewed health-care push. He’s having none of the new plan.
  10. GOP’s New Idea on Preexisting Conditions Is Actually an Old, Bad IdeaIt’s been tried, and it didn’t work the first time.
  11. Zombie Trumpcare Is Dead AgainThe White House hoped to engineer a come-from-behind win on health care this week. It failed.
  12. Trump Donated Thousands to the Campaigns of House Freedom Caucus Members“When you give, they do whatever the hell you want them to do,” Trump once said. The House’s tea partiers may owe him a refund.
  13. Trump Vows to ‘Fight’ the House’s Tea Party Hard-liners in 2018Trump and Paul Ryan lay into the recalcitrant conservatives of the House Freedom Caucus, as a government-shutdown fight looms.
  14. The Dead Are Walking As Talk of Renewed GOP Health-Care Negotiations Fills D.C.We all thought Donald Trump and Paul Ryan had buried health care as a GOP agenda item for 2017. Now there are reports talks have improbably resumed.
  15. the national interest
    The Left, Not the Right, Saved ObamacareBlaming the House Freedom Caucus minimizes the true failure of Trumpcare.
  16. GOP Hits a Dead End on Trumpcare, Cancels VoteAfter a “final offer” to House conservatives failed, Trump and Ryan may be back to square one with a divided GOP and no clear path forward.
  17. Why Trumpcare Could Die Before It Even Gets a VoteTwenty-four House Republicans say they oppose the bill — and the moderate opposition hasn’t even shown up yet.
  18. This Week’s Ludicrous House Vote to Impeach the IRS CommissionerHe’s on his way out in a matter of weeks anyway.
  19. Paul Ryan’s Hellish FutureWhether he loses his gavel or just his power to control his troops in the House, he will probably be tempted to pack it in.