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  1. FBI Agent Peter Strzok Scorches GOP in Testimony Fit for Aaron Sorkin ScriptThe FBI agent explained that when he texted “we’ll stop” Trump in 2016, he was referring to American voters, not federal investigators.
  2. House May Vote on Indefinite Immigrant Detention BillThe Trump administration is attempting to implement “zero tolerance” without family separation.
  3. Trump to GOP: Don’t Bother Voting on Immigration Bills Until After Midterms“Dems are just playing games,” Trump tweeted. “We can pass great legislation after the Red Wave!”
  4. Freedom Caucus’s Cunning Plan Could Hand the House to DemocratsTo subdue rebellious moderates, just take campaign funds from some of the most vulnerable GOP members. What could go wrong?
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    Trump Aide Confirms Trump Wants to #ReleaseTheMemoThe president will undoubtedly support any effort to discredit the Russia investigation.
  6. Will Congress Save Dreamers From Their Trump-Induced Nightmare?Here’s why the congressional GOP might pass protections for DACA recipients – and why they might not.
  7. House Budget Proposes Cuts to Medicare, Taxes on the RichThe House GOP wants the president to break his promise not to cut Medicare, for the sake of funding regressive tax cuts.
  8. GOP Moderates Declare Themselves Staunchly ‘Reticent’ About Gutting Safety NetThe House’s budget draft would slash $200 billion from entitlement spending — 20 centrist Republicans say they’re “reticent” to support it.
  9. GOP To Follow Trumpcare With Bill That Cuts Medicaid to Slash Taxes On RichHouse leadership hopes to cut anti-poverty programs, Medicare, and Medicaid (again) in their 2018 budget.
  10. House GOP Shocked to Learn Infamous Con Artist Can’t Be TrustedTrump begged moderate Republicans to vote for his health-care bill. Now, he’s calling it “mean” and “coldhearted” — and the House GOP is “stunned.”
  11. Gunman Targets Congressional Baseball Practice, Shoots GOP WhipSteve Scalise has been shot after a gunman opened fire on a field where GOP members of Congress were practicing for their annual baseball game.
  12. GOP Congressman-elect Sentenced to Community Service for Assaulting ReporterBody-slamming a journalist has worked out pretty well for Greg Gianforte.
  13. Pro-Trumpcare Republicans Owned $23 Million in Health-Care StockWhen the House GOP voted to repeal Obamacare, many were also voting to advance the interests of pharmaceutical companies they owned shares of.
  14. GOP Still Thinks America Didn’t Like Trumpcare Because It Wasn’t Cruel EnoughLast month, Trumpcare was too draconian for moderate Republicans. Now, Paul Ryan has a new “compromise” bill that’s even crueler.
  15. Republicans Pull the Plug on TrumpcareRyan withdraws the GOP’s health-care plan after concluding it cannot pass the House. Trump says he won’t try to repeal Obamacare again “anytime soon.”
  16. Why Trumpcare Could Die Before It Even Gets a VoteTwenty-four House Republicans say they oppose the bill — and the moderate opposition hasn’t even shown up yet.
  17. The GOP Just Made Its Bait and Switch on Health-Care Reform ExplicitAfter promising a plan that would provide “better care” at “lower costs,” Paul Ryan touts the fact that his bill cuts taxes and lowers the deficit.
  18. GOP Bill Would Let Your Employer Demand to See Your Genetic InformationAnd then force you to mitigate your genetic liabilities, or else accept higher premiums on your health insurance.
  19. GOP Senator Says Republican Bill Would Make Health Care ‘Probably Worse’Tom Cotton tells CNN that Paul Ryan’s bill “would not solve the problems of our health-care system” — and would make things “probably worse.”
  20. Chaffetz: GOP Bill Will Let Americans Choose Between Health Care and iPhonesOne GOP lawmaker boasts that health care will be affordable under the House’s new bill — so long as low-income people stop buying iPhones.
  21. House Republicans Unveil Their Bill to Repeal and Replace ObamacareThey offered no estimate of how much the plan would cost, or how many people would lose coverage.
  22. Never Mind on Gutting the Office of Congressional Ethics, Says House GOPRepublicans change course.
  23. Paul Ryan Is Done Defending Trump. Now, Trump Is Forcing Ryan to Defend Himself.Ryan tells the House GOP that he will stop defending Trump and start devoting all his energy to keeping Congress red. Trump calls out his treachery.
  24. The GOP’s Civil War Over LGBT Rights Just Killed a Spending BillForty-three Republicans helped pass an amendment barring federal contractors from discriminating against gay people. The rest of the GOP caucus then killed the entire bill.
  25. GOP Defends Liberty of Homophobic Arms MerchantsThe House was on the cusp of barring defense contractors from discriminating against gay people, when the GOP leadership strong-armed its members into switching their votes.
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    As Paul Ryan Reconsiders a Speaker Bid, GOP Hardliners Tease Their SupportIt seems like the entire Republican Party is trying to talk Ryan into running, and he now seems to be seriously considering it.
  27. Democrats vs. Republicans vs. Tea PartiersThe three-party system is even worse than the two-party system.
  28. government shutdown
    The Government Shutdown Explained in One Candid Quote“We’re not going to be disrespected.”