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  1. pivot
    Will Tech’s Big Four Be Smart Enough to Help Break Themselves Up?Pivot’s Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway discuss what’s next for tech’s largest firms after a House Judiciary report called for their dismantlement.
  2. politics
    What Happened at Attorney General Barr’s Five-Hour House HearingBarr defended sending federal agents to Portland and other cities, and his heated exchanges with grandstanding Democrats yielded little substance.
  3. police reform
    Competing Police-Reform Bills Quickly Emerge in CongressThe biggest potential deal-breaker is the Democrats’ call for stripping police officers of “qualified immunity” against lawsuits.
  4. department of justice
    Attorney General William Barr to Testify Before House Judiciary on March 31Lawmakers want to know why Barr intervened in Roger Stone’s sentencing recommendations — and a whole lot more.
  5. impeachment
    Yes, Trump’s Impeachment Was Partisan. The Others Were Too.For all the hand-wringing about partisanship in Congress today, it’s hardly unprecedented in the brief history of presidential impeachments.
  6. impeachment
    Articles of Impeachment Reach Final Hurdle Before House Vote in Rules CommitteeAt the Tuesday House hearing deciding the rules for the impeachment vote, expect posturing from both sides and delay attempts from Republicans.
  7. trump impeachment
    Read the House Judiciary Committee’s Full Impeachment ReportThe 658-page report justifies the attempt to impeach Trump.
  8. trump impeachment
    House Judiciary Committee Approves Two Articles of Impeachment Against TrumpThe articles passed 23-17 on a strict party-line vote, much like during Clinton’s impeachment. What’s different is that Trump defenders have no shame.
  9. trump impeachment
    Congresswoman Accuses GOP of Impeachment Hypocrisy, Comparing Trump to ClintonIf Republicans will only impeach for lying about sex, maybe Congress should hear from Stormy Daniels, said California representative Zoe Lofgren.
  10. impeachment
    Trump’s Attorney Won’t Say Whether He’ll Participate in Impeachment ‘Charade’We have to guess that means the White House won’t participate in the last stage of impeachment proceedings.
  11. trump impeachment
    Pelosi Announces Trump Impeachment SprintLooks like the House will adopt articles of impeachment in three areas involving investigations of foreign election interference — and do it quickly.
  12. trump impeachment
    Republicans Offer Feisty Trump Defense at House Judiciary Impeachment HearingUnlike Devin Nunes, Doug Collins doesn’t ask you to accept wild right-wing conspiracy theories. But he and his colleagues want to convey pure outrage.
  13. trump impeachment
    Who Are the Legal Experts Testifying in House Judiciary Impeachment Hearings?Three constitutional scholars are expected to testify on the legal case for Trump’s impeachment, and one called by the GOP will provide the dissent.
  14. impeachment
    House Intelligence Committee Sends Report to Judiciary, Setting Up ImpeachmentNow the venue for impeachment shifts to the Judiciary Committee, which will draft formal articles of impeachment.
  15. impeachment
    Washington’s Jam-packed December Will Cast a Long Shadow on 2020With impeachment proceedings, a big DoJ report on the Russia investigation, and a possible government shutdown in play, it could get crazy.
  16. impeachment
    How Nadler’s Impeachment Hearings Will Differ From Schiff’sEach day of the upcoming House Judiciary hearings will be long and perhaps even more contentious than what we’ve already seen.
  17. impeachment
    Judiciary Committee Schedules Its Own Impeachment HearingsWith the Intelligence Committee likely wrapping up hearings, it’s time for the House Judiciary Committee to look at formal articles of impeachment.
  18. impeachment
    Judge Orders McGhan to Testify in Trump Obstruction-of-Justice InvestigationThe ruling will be appealed, but could push John Bolton into testifying in the impeachment probe.
  19. 2020 elections
    Trump and Kemp Butt Heads Over Georgia Senate AppointmentTrump wants his impeachment pit bull Doug Collins in the Senate, but Brian Kemp wants someone — perhaps a woman — who can do well in the suburbs.
  20. impeachment
    House Dems Want to Give America an Impeachment Christmas PresentBy eschewing litigation and hard-to-secure witnesses, Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, and the rest are on a fast track to a pre-Christmas Trump impeachment.
  21. trump impeachment
    Pelosi Says Impeachment Inquiry Is All About Ukraine – for NowThe ultimate decision as to the scope of the impeachment effort may not be made until the impact of the Ukraine scandal is fully weighed.
  22. impeachment
    Nadler Says House Has Already Launched ‘Impeachment Proceedings’Through a maneuver designed to avoid the need for a vote to “launch” impeachment, Nadler and Pelosi have bought time for investigations.
  23. mueller time
    Adam Schiff Tells a Story of Disloyalty to Country, Greed, and LiesThe Intelligence Committee chairman provided the most compelling statement of the day.
  24. mueller time
    If Impeachment Depended on Mueller, It’s Not HappeningSome Democrats already thought there was sufficient evidence to impeach Trump, but Mueller’s testimony did nothing to add momentum to the cause.
  25. politics
    Six Takeaways From Hope Hicks’s House Judiciary TestimonyHicks called Trump’s “Russia, if you’re listening” a joke and said she issued only “white lies” in her time in the White House.
  26. reparations
    One of the Biggest Arguments Against Reparations Is Based on a LieRepublicans at Wednesday’s reparations hearing perpetuated one of the great lies about racist inequality: that white people got ahead without help.
  27. 9/11
    A History of the Long Fight to Secure Funding for 9/11 First RespondersWhy Jon Stewart was so frustrated on Tuesday when he lobbied lawmakers, once again, over the treatment of emergency workers at Ground Zero.
  28. mueller time
    House Democrats Strike Deal With DOJ for Mueller Report DetailsIn return, the House will not vote on holding Barr in contempt. It’s a truce, not a treaty, in the war between Democrats and the Trump administration.
  29. mueller time
    White House Bans Release of Mueller Documents; Barr to Be Held in ContemptThe ongoing fight between House Democrats and the administration over disclosure of Mueller documents escalates.
  30. mueller time
    White House Blocks Release of McGahn Documents Sought by CongressAs prelude to a claim of executive privilege and then litigation, the White House has extended its stonewalling of Congress to McGahn’s testimony.
  31. mueller time
    Bill Barr Refuses to Testify Before House Judiciary Committee on ThursdayThe attorney general cancelled his appearance before the House Judiciary after the committee voted to allow staff lawyers to question him for an hour.
  32. mueller time
    Why Mueller Complained to Barr About the Spin on His ReportThere’s more evidence that Barr wanted to whitewash Mueller’s findings, and he’ll have to testify about it in Congress this week.
  33. politics
    The House’s Sweeping New Probe May Be the Biggest Threat to Trump YetThe House Judiciary Committee may uncover more Trump misconduct than Mueller. But if they’re not careful, they could undercut the special counsel.
  34. investigations
    House Judiciary Begins Probe of Trump’s Alleged Corruption and ObstructionThe panel has requested documents from 81 people and entities tied to Trump.
  35. Jared Kushner’s Prison-Reform Push Gains Steam in the HouseLawmakers have reached consensus on a bipartisan bill that would increase funding for prison education (which Trump previously cut).
  36. Jeff Sessions Can’t Recall a Lot of Things“I can’t believe I can’t remember that.”