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House Of Cards

  1. house of cards
    Kevin McCarthy Will Be the Republicans’ New House Majority LeaderAs Eric Cantor slinks away.
  2. early and awkward
    Hillary Clinton Shades Monica Lewinsky (Again)“I think everybody needs to look to the future.”
  3. early and awesome
    Seth Rogen Made a House of Cards Joke at a Senate Hearing (Also, Weed)His actual testimony was more serious, about Alzheimer’s.
  4. mild spoilers
    Louise Slaughter Came Awfully Close to a House of Cards SpoilerThe statute of limitations is not up.
  5. talking about the weather
    Kids in NYC Have to Go to School on Thursday, Or Declare Their Own Snow DayLike they did last time.
  6. world’s biggest fan
    President Obama Likes House of Cards More Than He ShouldFrank Underwood’s “getting a lot of stuff done.”
  7. 21 questions
    House of Cards’ Sebastian Arcelus Asks for ‘the Usual’ at His BodegaThe actor answers our 21 Questions. 
  8. house of cards
    Democrats Give Darrell Issa the Credit of Trying to Take Him DownIs this even necessary?
  9. house of cards
    John Boehner: It’s Our Job to Listen to Americans, Even When They Say Ignorant Things That Are UntrueHonesty! That’s refreshing.