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House Races

  1. vision 2020
    Can Democrats Win the Senate on Biden’s Coattails?If Biden wins the presidential race, a trifecta is entirely possible for Democrats.
  2. Trump Adds ‘Cutting Children’s Health Care’ to GOP’s 2018 PlatformDemocrats say Republicans will pay for their tax cuts by taking health care from working people. Trump is about to affirm this campaign message.
  3. Democrats Are Winning the First Round of the 2018 FightThe midterm battle begins with recruitment — and Democrats have a bumper harvest while would-be Republican candidates are getting cold feet.
  4. Former NFL Player to Challenge Vulnerable Texas GOP CongressmanWith Trump’s favorability underwater in Texas, Democrats are poised to compete for House seats — and maybe Ted Cruz’s spot in the Senate.
  5. Can Democrats Move Left — and to the Suburbs?Liberal activists want economic populism. But Democrats’ path to a House majority cuts through affluent suburbs that shunned Bernie Sanders.
  6. How Low Can the Congressional GOP Go in November?With Donald Trump at the top of the ticket, the odds of Democrats retaking the Senate are pretty good. But now even Paul Ryan’s House could fall. 
  7. politics
    Down the Stretch in the Priciest House PrimaryWill Jawando has a biography — and political talent — reminiscent of Obama’s. That might not be enough in a crowded suburban-D.C. primary.