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Housing Crisis

  1. california dreaming
    Post-Recall, California Governor Gavin Newsom’s Next Big Win Is Against NIMBYsCalifornia also says “no” to single-family-only zoning.
  2. rent is too damn high
    Yes, It’s Illegal for Landlords to Discriminate. And Yes, They Still Do It.A conversation with a housing advocate.
  3. tarpies
    Guess How Much You Forked Over for Fannie and Freddie’s Legal FeesTaxpayers foot the bill to defend top executives against allegations of fraud.
  4. overruled!
    President Obama Makes His Second VetoThe bill would have made it easier for banks to foreclose on homeowners, critics said.
  5. american excess
    One More Way the United States Is Superior to CanadaGo big or go home, Canada.
  6. foreclosure
    Renters Getting Screwed By Foreclosure Crisis TooNo one is safe.