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Housing Market

  1. the top line
    COVID-19 Is Changing Many Things — But Not Apartment RentsEven during this extremely unstable time, the cost to rent a home has so far remained surprisingly stable.
  2. business
    Is New York Cracking Down on Airbnb to Help Local Residents or Hotels?Supporters of new Airbnb regulation argue that it drives up rents, but opponents say the hotel industry–backed law will only deprive locals of income.
  3. 2008
    Barney Frank on His Regrets From the Great Recession“All the money went to banks, none went to homeowners.”
  4. 2008
    What a Foreclosure-Boat-Tour Operator Saw During the Great Recession“It breaks my heart to see what I had to do to a guy who had nowhere to go.”
  5. the greatest depression
    New York Gets Bonus Unemployment Benefits for Being Really UnemployedTo keep over one million Americans from losing unemployment benefits, the senate voted unanimously to pass legislation extending benefits across the country.
  6. real estate
    Third-Quarter Market Reports: Good News, Kind Of, Sort OfA release of “pent-up demand” and a slower rate of decline bolstered the real-estate market in the third quarter, but there are caveats galore.
  7. real estate
    Market Reports: Sales Are Down Over 50 Percent Since Last Year in Brooklyn and QueensBut at the end of the quarter, there was a promising uptick.