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Housing Policy

  1. just asking questions
    Why the Election Might Come Down to Pennsylvania’s EconomyMoody’s chief economist Mark Zandi on why he’s cautiously optimistic about Biden’s reelection.
  2. the left
    Corporate Greed Is Not Our Only ProblemProgressives don’t need to choose between fighting corruption and accomplishing their goals.
  3. the economy
    Rent Growth Is Slowing (Where Housing Got Built)Fresh confirmation that housing, like every other good, gets cheaper when there’s more of it to go around.
  4. housing policy
    New ‘Luxury’ Apartments Are Good, ActuallyBut resolving the housing crisis will require the government to become a housing developer.
  5. pandemic prescriptions
    The European Cities Using the Pandemic As a Cure for AirbnbWith tourism at a low ebb, Lisbon, Barcelona, and other cities are moving to bring balance back to their housing market.
  6. the suburbs
    Trump’s Racism Won’t Win the Suburbs. But It May Diversify Them.The president’s hideous defense of exclusionary zoning just might nudge liberal NIMBYs toward tolerating desegregation.
  7. recession
    This Recession Is a Bigger Housing Crisis Than 2008Roughly 10 million Americans lost their homes to the foreclosure crisis. More than twice that number are at risk of eviction by October.
  8. summer in the city
    We’re Headed for a Hot, Dark SummerThe coming months are poised to bring new outbreaks, blackouts, evictions, and unrest.
  9. new york city
    Broker Fees Are Back for New York Renters, TemporarilyA state judge halted the new ban until at least March 13, following a lawsuit by New York’s powerful real-estate industry.