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  1. foreign interests
    Trump’s Reelection Woes, Not Policy, Are Root of Escalating China TensionsPresident Trump’s decision to shutter the Houston consulate is supposedly about Chinese espionage, but it makes more sense as a reelection tactic.
  2. vision 2020
    Republican National Convention Becoming a Dumpster FireOptions for safely holding a big Trump celebration in Jacksonville are shrinking as it becomes a major COVID-19 hotspot.
  3. george floyd
    Powerful Images From Friday’s Protests Over the Death of George FloydPhotos from demonstrations in multiple cities over the deaths of Floyd in Minneapolis and Breonna Taylor in Louisville, Kentucky.
  4. games
    The Ugly Efficiency of Modern SportsTeams are smarter than ever, but it hasn’t made sports more fun to watch. Is there a way out?
  5. 2018 midterms
    Can a 27-Year-Old Political Neophyte Run the Third-Largest County in America?Lina Hidalgo was elected to run a county with a $5 billion budget, thanks to Beto and straight-ticket voting. And she has a plan.
  6. harvey
    EPA Denies Houston Superfund Sites Being Neglected, Attacks ReporterThe AP reported on Saturday that several Houston area toxic-waste sites had flooded and were not being checked by the agency.
  7. natural disasters
    When the Waters Recede, Trash Piles UpIn the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Texas will have an untold supply of trash, and it will have to go somewhere.
  8. harvey
    The Environmental Fallout of Hurricane HarveyWhat happens when a dangerous storm hits America’s “Chemical Coast.”
  9. recovery
    Will Harvey Make Houston’s Boom Go Bust?The storm dealt a severe blow to the backbone of the U.S. oil refining and petrochemical industries, but Houston’s economy may be able to bounce back.
  10. Harvey’s Rains and Flooding Now Threaten East Texas and Southwestern LouisianaThe storm will finally begin letting up on the Houston area, but rescue efforts are still underway and tens of thousands are living in shelters.
  11. ‘It Took Two Boat Rides’: Texans on Surviving the StormLocal stories from an unprecedented natural disaster in America’s fourth-largest city.
  12. President Trump in Texas As Houston Still Grapples With Devastating FloodsHistoric rainfall continues to wreak havoc in the Houston area as the death toll rises to 12.
  13. Harvey Both Makes, and Breaks, the Case for Flood-Insurance ReformJust as Texas Rep. Hensarling seemed to be putting together a bipartisan coalition for flood-insurance reform, flooding in his own state intervened.
  14. What Trump Should Tell Houston’s DreamersMore than 56,000 in the storm-ravaged city could be affected by the president’s policy change.
  15. More Zoning Wouldn’t Have Protected Houston, But Less Sprawl Would Have HelpedHouston is famous for its hostility to land-use planning. That’s less of a problem than simply too much growth and ever-more frequent storms.
  16. tropical storm harvey
    Catastrophic Flooding in Houston As Harvey Stalls Over TexasWith days of additional rain forecast for the region, the disaster is likely to get worse.
  17. Photos Show Scale of Devastation Wrought by Hurricane HarveyAnd the storm is far from over.
  18. mass shootings
    Houston Shooter Was Wearing a Military Uniform With Nazi EmblemsHe also had two guns, a knife, and more than 2,500 rounds of ammunition.
  19. Houston Clears Rape-Kit Backlog, Finds 850 DNA MatchesSome rape kits dated back nearly three decades.
  20. lesbians aren’t that bad
    Is Houston’s Lesbian Mayor Really Out to Get Conservative Preachers?The answer won’t surprise you.
  21. white men with money
    Barclays Executive May Have Succeeded in Weeding Political Correctness Out of Kid’s Private SchoolAfter pressure, principal and “gay female coach” resign.
  22. white men with money
    Barclays Executive Attacks Hateful Feminist Teacher for Making His Practically Adult Son Cry“Why is a gay female coach telling high school girls on her team that she was disappointed in them for belonging to the spirit club and that by doing so they are just pandering to the football team?”
  23. neighborhood news
    Gas Station With Great Views of Pervy Ads Soon to Get Razed?Prime real estate might soon be available on Houston and Broadway.
  24. ink-stained wretches
    Mean New York Journo Kills ‘Pathetic’ Alt Weekly for SportSlate’s Jody Rosen’s tussle with a Houston alt weekly becomes a truly bizarre war of words.