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How Tweet It Is

  1. how tweet it is
    Twitter Is Making Some Employees Rich TodayThe stock lockup just expired.
  2. how tweet it is
    The Bronx Zoo Cobra Parody Account Is Still Tweeting, Over Two Years LaterThe person behind it explains why. 
  3. how tweet it is
    @HuffPoSpoilers Takes All the Mystery Out of Huffington Post TweetsThe Huffington Post can’t like this. 
  4. how tweet it is
    Phil Jackson Is Playing Twitter Chess; Everyone Else Is Playing Twitter CheckersHis first tweet ever looked like gibberish on purpose.
  5. how tweet it is
    Understatement of the DayAbout Twitter.
  6. how tweet it is
    Yep, Companies Are ‘Hacking’ Their Own Twitter Feeds Now MTV and BET “hacked” each other today.
  7. how tweet it is
    Famous Last TweetsA new website chronicles the final tweets of dead people.
  8. how tweet it is
    @LazyMayorBooker Is Tired of Personally Solving Everyone’s ProblemsSo satisfying.
  9. how tweet it is
    HMV Employees Go on Twitter Rampage While Being FiredA lesson in how not to fire people. 
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    The Pope Is Taking Cues From the Dalai Lama NowAt least on Twitter.
  11. how tweet it is
    The Pope Is on Twitter, FinallyHe has no tweets but 50,000-something followers.
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    It Took the Times Eighteen Months to Notice @NYTOnItTwitter has shut down the popular parody account.
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    Paul Ryan Abandons Twitter Account for Shiny New VP HandleRyan’s Twitter makeover.
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    Twitter User Who Threatened NYC Theater Massacre Now Chatting With NYPD“Anonymous Celebrity” no more.
  15. how tweet it is
    How Serious Is Twitter Threat on NYC Theater?How seriously should Twitter/the NYPD/all of us be taking this?
  16. how tweet it is
    Random Guy Named Matt Lauer Basks in Misdirected Twitter Love@MattLauer was already taken by a software developer.
  17. bieber fever
    Twitter Newbie Matt Lauer Already Has the Whole Thing Figured OutTweet only about Justin Bieber.
  18. how tweet it is
    Despicable Twitter Habits DefendedPoynter explains why some of the things we find despicable are actually very useful.
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    Things Journalists Do on Twitter That We DespiseGet off our lawn.
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    Estonia’s President Wants Y’all to ChillTwitter worlds collide, again.
  21. how tweet it is
    Twitter Users Tough on Obama and RepublicansYikes.
  22. how tweet it is
    Sam Brownback Apologizes Over Twitter FlapHe’s sorry.
  23. how tweet it is
    The C.I.A. Has a Special Twitter and Facebook UnitThey’re called the “vengeful librarians.”
  24. party chat
    Sean Parker Plans to Labor Over Every Single TweetThe former Facebook president tells us about his Twitter strategy.
  25. how tweet it is
    NATO and the Taliban Are Bickering Over Twitter NowNow this is the way to fight a war.
  26. how tweet it is
    People Who Don’t Understand Twitter: Senator’s Staff EditionThey tried to claim that their public tweets were “off the record.”
  27. how tweet it is
    Steve Jobs Is Still AliveCBS News made a mistake.
  28. how tweet it is
    Chris Christie Still Not Running for President, or, the Problem With Reporting on TwitterJonathan Alter maybe should have taken some more time with this one.
  29. how tweet it is
    How to Improve the Twitter Town HallMake Obama actually use Twitter.
  30. how tweet it is
    Stephen Colbert Is Making Lots of Non-Factual Statements About Jon KylIf you like hilarious Twitter memes, you’ll love this hilarious Twitter meme.
  31. how tweet it is
    You Are Not Allowed to Mock Chuck Grassley’s Twitter FailHe may not know as much about Twitter as he thought, but come on, he’s an old man.
  32. how tweet it is
    Republican Congressman Gives Twitter Followers Morse-Code RiddleEveryone knows Morse code, right?
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    The Political Tweet Hall of ShameThe tweets from politicians that were bad enough to be deleted, and what they can teach us.
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    Celebrity Twexperts Offer Advice to New Tweeter Michelle ObamaWhat Ashton Kutcher, Martha Stewart, and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey had to say.
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    #Battleofthe boroughs: It Was Only a Matter of TimeThis Twitter trending topic is currently updating at about once a second.
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    The White House Makes a ‘More Cowbell’ JokeOr is it more of a promise?
  37. How You Know You Have a Twitter ProblemIf you had a breakdown during the Twitter blackout, you may need to reevaluate things.
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    Twitter Unleashes Deluge of Sarcasm on Republican CongressmanAnd a new, hilarious Internet meme is born.
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    The State Department Is Relying on #Iranelection, TooThey’re doing all they can to keep Twitter running in Iran.
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    Twitter Shows Its Value As Iran ExplodesThe Iranian-election protests may be Twitter’s true coming-out party. But we still need the mainstream media.