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How Was Your Week?

  1. how was your week?
    1,613 New York Readers on Civic Participation and Early Voting in 2020“I have donated more money this election cycle than in my whole life combined.”
  2. how was your week?
    1,443 New York Readers on Their Plans for Election Night and the Holidays“This year it’s turkey pot pie for one.”
  3. how was your week?
    1,667 New York Readers on the Barrett Hearings, Election Day, and Winter Life“I think democracy is dead and we are watching its funeral rites.”
  4. how was your week?
    1,663 New York Readers on Trump, COVID, and Election Anxiety“Every day brings a fresh news nightmare that would’ve been unimaginable to 2014 me.”
  5. how was your week?
    949 New York Readers on Summer Travel and Quarantine Pods“Feels like we are in a swingers group.”
  6. how was your week?
    1,046 New York Readers on Their Plans for a Pandemic Summer“Humid in a face mask. Drinking outside. Socially distanced play dates.”
  7. how was your week?
    1,412 New York Readers on the Pandemic and the Future of Work“I’m wondering if it’s really necessary to return to life as it was before.”
  8. how was your week?
    555 New York Readers on What They Think Life Will Be Like After Lockdown“There’s going to be decision overload for nearly everything.”
  9. how was your week?
    1,281 New York Readers on Personal Relationships During the Pandemic“We built our whole life around being close, and now we’re all in these little silos. It hurts like hell.”
  10. how was your week?
    743 New York Readers on How the Pandemic Is Upending Their Future Plans“Everything is in flux and yet I’m stuck.”
  11. how was your week?
    1,428 New York Readers on the Growing Mental Strain of the Pandemic“Every day I think that I can’t do this anymore, and then the next day comes and it’s the same as the day before.”
  12. how was your week?
    1,423 New York Readers on the Coronavirus, Class, and Money“Why is my life and my family’s life less important than theirs because of my income?”
  13. how was your week?
    1,350 New York Readers on the Mounting Difficulties of Life During the Pandemic“This is a country where if you can’t take care of yourself, no one will take care of you.”
  14. how was your week?
    833 New York Readers on How the Coronavirus Pandemic Is Changing Their Lives“I’ve never been more scared. I love my city. I miss it, but I’m terrified of it.”
  15. how was your week?
    1,023 New York Readers on Life During the Coronavirus PandemicThe first installment of a weekly poll about how the crisis is changing daily life.