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  1. political strategy
    Should Democrats Resurrect the 50-State Strategy?Long-shot lower-level candidates may help turn out the vote for up-ticket races, but the value of that remains limited.
  2. Tom Perez Edges Keith Ellison for DNC ChairThe Establishment candidate narrowly defeated the insurgent favorite of Sanders campaign veterans, then began to immediately seek party unity.
  3. Keith Ellison Promises to Be Full-time DNC Chair If He Gets the JobHe’s removed one objection to his bid. Now maybe he and other contenders can vow to keep the contest from being a party faction war.
  4. Democrats Must Decide If an Ideological Coup Is the Best Path to RecoveryBernie Sanders is backing Keith Ellison as DNC chair to signal a party coup. Is that a good idea now? Could Howard Dean be a unifying alternative?
  5. Could Sanders Get the ‘Dean Scream’ Treatment?“The Scream” was a fabricated moment — but so what?
  6. the national interest
    Howard Dean: I Am Not a ShillDon’t accuse him of taking positions for money just because he happens to have a job that consists of taking positions for money.
  7. the national interest
    Howard Dean, Concerned American and Non-ShillThe former liberal insurgent, wiser but richer.
  8. early and awkward
    Howard Dean Open to Running for President Again, Apparently“Who knows?”
  9. equal rites
    Let’s Tear Apart Newt Gingrich’s Gay Marriage Logic!It won’t be that hard.
  10. ground zero mosque
    Today in Mosque: A Compromise Is Not Looking ImminentAll your mosque news in one convenient location that is nowhere near ground zero.
  11. ground zero mosque
    The Ground Zero Mosque: For Every Reaction, There’s an Equal and Opposite ReactionaryPelosi and Dean disagree, and more people weigh in.
  12. early and often
    ‘Professional Left’ Will Settle for Obama in 2012Despite their frustration, nobody is stepping up to challenge Obama.
  13. the post-racial world
    Howard Dean Lashes Out at Fox News … During an Appearance on Fox News“Fox News did something that was absolutely racist.”
  14. hellivision
    Howard Dean to Fill In for Keith OlbermannWeird. And yet also, not.
  15. early and often
    Dean Campaign Officials Don’t Quite Remember Charles O’ByrneThe tax-scandal-ridden Paterson aide is frequently listed as a former speechwriter for the Howard Dean campaign. But two sources there can’t quite remember what he was up to.
  16. cultural capital
    Jon Stewart Interviews Talks at Howard Dean on ‘The Daily Show’Then he asked questions that were kind of meh. C’mon, Jon! People are relying on you for their real news. Work with us here!
  17. early and often
    Superdelegates Making Howard Dean Just Want to ScreamNo mere man can control the will of the superdelegates, a rogue and fractious species if ever there was one. Especially because, as a group, they really have no idea what to do.
  18. early and often
    Facing the Facts on Florida and MichiganIt’s been one thing after another in the Democratic primaries, from hand-wringing over superdelegates to confusion over the Texas “primacaucus” process. Another headache is now moving to the forefront: With the race so tight, what to do about Florida and Michigan, whose delegates the DNC refused to seat after the states were warned not to schedule their primaries so early? Yesterday, DNC chair Howard Dean laid out two ideas: The states can submit a plan for a new selection process or they can wait until the summer and ask the party’s Convention Credentials Committee to resolve the dispute. And so the wrangling begins in earnest.
  19. gossipmonger
    Ba Ba Ba, Ba BarbaraleeHollywood players like Ben Stiller, Toby Maguire, and Steven Spielberg can’t figure out which Democrat to support for president, so they’re donating to multiple ones. (Tom Hanks, Will Smith, and Jennifer Aniston, however, are firmly in Camp Obama.) Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel was passed over for appointment as executive director of New York State Council of the Arts, perhaps because she has donated money to Spitzer, who’s now trying to look ethically pure. Gwen Stefani loves breast-feeding even though she’s been getting bitten. Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz refused to be photographed with their KY Intimacy Kit swag bags at Lollapalooza because they were scared of Joe Simpson. Tracy Morgan wants to get his SCRAM ankle bracelet “blinged out” at Jacob the Jeweler.