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  1. health
    HPV Vaccine Not Just for Girls AnymoreA medical panel recommends young boys get the shot, too.
  2. bachmann ambition overdrive
    ‘Not scripted.’“This is the nail in the coffin in her campaign.”
  3. the internet
    Author Ayelet Waldman Takes HPV Talk to Twitter [Updated]Her personal anecdote gave way to one hell of a Twitter dialogue.
  4. bachmann ambition overdrive
    Debunking Michele Bachmann’s HPV Vaccine AnecdoteBachmann says Gardasil, a vaccine mandated by Rick Perry, can cause mental retardation. But can it?
  5. rick rolling
    All of a Sudden, Rick Perry More Critical of His Controversial HPV InitiativeWe wonder what changed …
  6. std diaries
    HPV Now Puts Men at Risk for Oral CancerLike HPV needed another downside.