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    Colin Kroll, HQ Trivia and Vine Co-Founder, Dead at 34From a suspected drug overdose.
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    Good News: HQ Is Raising Some Funding. Bad News: It’s From Peter Thiel.Thiel’s Founders Fund is leading the round.
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    Coming to Next Year’s Grammys: This HQ-Inspired RapIt incorporates the countdown music from the app, and, well, you just have to listen for yourself.
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    Buy HQ Scott’s Old Mattress on Craigslist for $600“The pillow top is dope.”
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    Playing Bar Trivia With HQ’s ScottWhat makes someone a “Quiz Daddy” as opposed to a mere game-show host?
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    Please Enjoy the Pure Joy That Is This Woman Winning HQ TriviaNobody tell her that she’ll need to win again if she wants to cash out.
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    Talking With Cesar Paolini, the Best HQ Player in the WorldPaolini was the only person to answer all 12 questions correctly on Wednesday afternoon, so he walked away with $1,500.
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    The HQ Effect: Everyone’s Trying to Cheat at Trivia by Googling the AnswerGoogle trend spikes show just how many HQ-ties are searching for trivia answers in real time.
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    Yo HQ, Please Don’t Fire ScottThe best thing about trivia app HQ is how bad its host, Scott, is at his job.