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  1. huawei
    The Trump Administration’s War on Huawei Isn’t Going WellThe U.K.’s decision not to ban it from its 5G network is another blow to the White House’s pressure campaign.
  2. trade war
    Trump’s Big Tariff Threat Against China Is Officially a FlopChina appears to have called Trump’s bluff and extracted significant concessions, but there’s still no end in sight for the trade war.
  3. markets
    Trump’s Huawei Ban Is a Bigger Deal Than His Trade WarIf great-power rivalry renders high-tech trade between the U.S. and China impossible, globalization as we’ve known it will end.
  4. huawei
    The Real Reason Huawei Would Sue the U.S. GovernmentThe Chinese company thinks the U.S. has no evidence Huawei is actually a threat to national security. A lawsuit could force the U.S. to offer proof.
  5. the price of paranoia
    What Is the Cost of the U.S. Paranoia About Chinese Telecom Manufacturer Huawei?The telecom manufacturing giant is very close to the Chinese government — and vital to the future of U.S. cellular networks.
  6. huawei
    The FBI Ran a Sting on Huawei While a Bloomberg Reporter WatchedAfter Huawei asked a start-up for a sample of its diamond-coated glass for smartphones, things quickly got very complicated.
  7. huawei
    Huawei’s CFO Meng Wanzhou Arrested and Now Everyone Is Very NervousThe heir apparent to the Chinese telecom giant was arrested in Canada during a stopover for extradition to the U.S.
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    Lawmakers Are Pressuring AT&T to Cut Ties With HuaweiNatSec people are worried about spying.