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Hudson Square

  1. the way we were
    Former Occupy Wall Street Space Now Occupied by Artisanal Food TrucksNew York City, circa 2012.
  2. neighborhood news
    Sorry, Soho Celebs: The Sanitation Department Is Moving In After AllJohn Slattery’s going to be so pissed.
  3. neighborhood news
    Trinity Real Estate Reveals Plans for Hudson SquareMore apartments! A new tower! And a school!
  4. neighborhood news
    Giant Pretend Block of Salt to House Actual Block of Salt on the West Side HighwayYes, it’s confusing.
  5. neighborhood news
    EEEEEEEEEEEE! Justin Timberlake Just Moved to Our NeighborhoodThe pop star just bought an apartment in the Soho Mews.
  6. developing
    Trump Soho Opening Later, CheaperApril is the first day you can rent out a room, it seems.
  7. neighborhood watch
    Hudson Square Is Rocking OnWe just have one quibble.
  8. neighborhood watch
    Soho Knows ‘Rod Stewart Loves the Hamptons’A rogue graffiti artist really wants you to believe that the aging rocker really has a thing for the East End. And for palm trees. Plus, pandas in Union Square, a ‘Gossip Girl’ spat, and more in our daily borough report.
  9. in other news
    New York’s Hottest New Neighborhood: SHNOTLearn it, love it, live it. We do!