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  1. early and often
    Biden Withdrawing Like LBJ Is Just a GOP FantasyHugh Hewitt predicted Biden might drop out of the 2024 presidential race like Johnson did in 1968. But Biden’s situation is nothing like LBJ’s.
  2. the national interest
    A Line-by-Line Analysis of the Hilarious ‘Case for Trump’A line-by-line read of Hugh Hewitt’s hilarious argument for reelecting the president.
  3. the national interest
    Trump’s Allies Growing Desperate for Defenses of Ukraine ScandalLet’s check in on Ben Shapiro, Hugh Hewitt, and the Wall Street Journal editorial page.
  4. the national interest
    Republicans Keep Lying About Pete Buttigieg and Thomas JeffersonMayor Pete gives thoughtful nuanced response on Founding Fathers, Republicans decide to invent smear instead.
  5. criminal justice reform
    Trump Overrules Kushner, Puts Hold on Criminal-Justice Reform BillIn the end, Trump listened to crime demagogues like Tom Cotton instead of Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley — or his own son-in-law.
  6. Report: Pruitt Fast-tracks Superfund Cleanup After Hugh Hewitt–Brokered Sit-downJust another totally aboveboard move from the EPA administrator.
  7. Trump to Put ‘Quartet of Warriors’ in Charge of Foreign PolicyRex Tillerson’s dismissal will be no surprise. But the military-heavy character of the new team that will ascend to power in his absence is ominous.
  8. the national interest
    Trump’s Constantly Changing Lies Are Making Life Impossible for His DefendersThe president can’t even remember why he was supposed to have fired James Comey.
  9. Trump Is Going to Lose It When He Finds Out About This Obscure Senate RuleHe has just nominated ten federal judges. Democratic senators can use the arcane “blue slip” practice to block three.
  10. media
    Conservative Radio Host Hugh Hewitt in Talks for MSNBC Show, Sources SayRumors of the deal are causing waves at the liberal cable network.
  11. the national interest
    I Found the Craziest Endorsement of Trump YetHugh Hewitt thinks Trump is the candidate to stop Russian influence.
  12. the national interest
    Marco Rubio: Orlando Shootings Are My Excuse to Break Senate PromiseSome good can come of this tragedy, if Republicans can save a Senate seat.
  13. This Right-Wing Radio Host Is Starting to Sound Like Bernie SandersHugh Hewitt wants to take down the billionaire class.
  14. rom com
    Mitt Romney, for One, Recalls President Bush Having a Single Chief of StaffExcept for the other one.