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Huguette Clark

  1. last wills and testaments
    Huguette Clark’s Final Will Settlement Favors the Arts in Santa BarbaraBut her relatives get a piece.
  2. white women with dolls
    Huguette Clark’s Relatives Will Probably Get Some of Her Money After All A “tentative settlement” has been reached in the dispute over the reclusive heiress’s fortune.
  3. best-dressed shut-ins
    Huguette Clark Had a Pretty Substantial Collection of JewelsDiamonds are a doll-lover’s best friend.
  4. real estate
    Want to Buy an Apartment Formerly Owned by a Shut-in and Obsessive Doll Collector?Who wouldn’t?
  5. sad things
    Weird, Old Rich Heiress Huguette Clark Has DiedHuguette Clark leaves behind one hell of an apartment.
  6. family drama
    Relatives and Lawyers Keep Disrupting Hospital-Bedridden Heiress’s Escape From the WorldHuguette Clark’s relatives have entered the picture.
  7. fortunes spent strangely
    Reclusive 104-Year-Old Heiress Has Been Living in the Hospital for Twenty YearsWhile her homes lay vacant, her lawyer is under investigation for mishandling her $500 million fortune.