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Hurricane Dorian

  1. corruption
    Democrats Demand Wilbur Ross Resign in Latest Sharpiegate TwistThe Commerce Secretary reportedly threatened NOAA employees for not sufficiently backing Trump.
  2. talking about the weather
    How Trump’s False Dorian Forecast Sparked a Crisis at NOAAThe administration threatened firings at the agency if it did not put facts aside and back up the president.
  3. the national interest
    Trump Has Figured Out How to Corrupt the Entire GovernmentA spate of recent stories share a single theme: Trump’s stink is seeping into every corner of Washington.
  4. hurricane dorian
    Trump Won’t Rest Until We Accept His Sharpie-Doctored Hurricane MapThe president suggested on Saturday that we wants to put down the Sharpie, but the media won’t let him.
  5. the national circus
    Frank Rich: Sharpiegate and Trump’s Escalating War on RealityThere’s been an uptick in lunacy since recession fears crept onto Trump’s radar — and his delusional claims will only get worse as 2020 approaches.
  6. hurricane dorian
    What’s the Damage to the Bahamas After Hurricane Dorian’s Devastating Landfall?As rescue efforts intensify and aid pours in from abroad, 30 casualties have been reported.
  7. marianne williamson
    Marianne Williamson Spars With Erica Jong Over Hurricane Prayer TweetThe candidate did not take kindly to criticism over her suggestion to pray the hurricane away.
  8. memes
    Trump Sharpie Memes Show the World As Trump Would Prefer ItIt appears the president altered a projection of Hurricane Dorian, and he’d probably like to alter these images too.
  9. weather
    Trump ‘Not Sure’ He’s Even Heard of a Category 5 HurricaneLast year, a Category 5 storm devastated the Florida Panhandle. This year, Trump says he’s not sure he’s even heard of them.