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Hurricane Florence

  1. comforter-in-chief
    Trump to Hurricane Florence Survivor: ‘Have a Good Time’Incredibly, he said the same thing to victims of Hurricane Harvey last year.
  2. the national interest
    Trump: Hurricane ‘One of the Wettest We’ve Seen From the Standpoint of Water’Whether Florence is also wet from other standpoints is a question the president did not address.
  3. hurricane florence
    Florence: Already-Catastrophic Floods Are Going to Get Even WorseWaterways throughout the Carolinas are being overwhelmed by the storm’s record rainfall, 17 people are dead, and more water is coming.
  4. brock long
    FEMA Head Doesn’t Get Why People Care About Real Hurricane Maria Death TollHe also used an unfortunate example involving spousal abuse to illustrate his problems with a updated victim estimates.
  5. hurricane maria
    Trump Continues to Promote Puerto Rico Deaths Conspiracy TheoryThe president will never back down from a lie that makes him look good, and this one is no different.
  6. hurricane florence
    Evacuations Begin As Hurricane Florence Bears Down on CarolinasMore than a million people were ordered to leave ahead of the storm, which is forecast to arrive on Friday morning.
  7. tropical storm florence
    Florence Likely to Hit East Coast as Major Hurricane This WeekThe governor of North Carolina has already declared a state of emergency ahead of the storm.