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Hurricane Harvey

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    What Happens to the Internet After a Disaster?How New York City is building local networks that will survive the next Sandy.
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    This Isn’t ‘the New Normal’ for Climate Change — That Will Be WorseThe wildfires raging in California, the hurricanes that battered the United States: they are only the beginning of what is to come.
  3. How Climate Change Is Creating More Powerful HurricanesThe looming threat of warming oceans is becoming hard to ignore.
  4. Why Are All These Reporters Standing Outside in the Middle of Hurricanes?Is it worth the ratings?
  5. Trump Demands Congress Aid Storm Victims by Passing Tax Cuts for Rich PeopleNow that natural disasters have left thousands of Americans homeless, it’s never been more important to abolish the estate tax.
  6. How Harvey and Irma Will Impact Our EconomyThe storms are humanitarian disasters — but (probably) not economic ones.
  7. Hurricane Harvey and the Stunted Moral Imagination of American ConservatismWhy does the government have a responsibility to aid hurricane victims, but not the blameless victims of poverty, racism, or other social calamities?
  8. Trump Sides With Democrats on Debt-Limit Deal, Avoiding Government ShutdownAgainst the objections of Republican leaders, Trump struck a deal for a three-month debt-ceiling extension.
  9. Category 5 Irma Becomes Most Powerful Hurricane to Form in the Atlantic OceanThe Category 5 storm is packing winds of 185 miles per hour.
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    9 Mayors on What Washington Can Learn From Local GovernmentOur national political environment might be paralyzed by partisanship and erratic leadership, but our cities tend to be resilient.
  11. 7 Big Questions About What Congress Will Do in SeptemberThe big storm in Texas and Louisiana has improved the visibility in Washington — but there’s still a lot to do and little time to do it.
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    When the Waters Recede, Trash Piles UpIn the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Texas will have an untold supply of trash, and it will have to go somewhere.
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    The Environmental Fallout of Hurricane HarveyWhat happens when a dangerous storm hits America’s “Chemical Coast.”
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    11 Harvey Animal Rescues to Remind You That, Yes, Someone Went Back for the CatYes, someone went back for the cat.
  15. Trump’s Policies Make It Harder for Cities to Recover From Disasters Like HarveyThe White House has rolled back Obama-era rules aimed at managing flood risk, and supported budget cuts to key disaster-relief agencies.
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    Will Harvey Make Houston’s Boom Go Bust?The storm dealt a severe blow to the backbone of the U.S. oil refining and petrochemical industries, but Houston’s economy may be able to bounce back.
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    Jake Paul’s Hurricane Rescue Efforts Thwarted by Fan Mob“Everyone calm down, we’re not here for a meet and greet,” the YouTuber said.
  18. Need for Quick Harvey Funding Could Screw Up Plans for a Huge Fiscal PackageIt initially appeared Harvey funding would be a protective cloak for other must-pass fiscal bills. But with FEMA money running out, the timing’s off.
  19. CEO of Flooded Texas Chemical Plant: There’s ‘No Way to Prevent’ ExplosionThe plant, 34 miles outside of downtown Houston, has taken on six feet of water and is bound to blow.
  20. Disaster-Funding Package Could Make Debt Default Fears Go Away for a Long TimeThe popular idea of packaging must-pass fiscal legislation with disaster relief has a new wrinkle: increasing the debt limit until after the midterms.
  21. ‘It Took Two Boat Rides’: Texans on Surviving the StormLocal stories from an unprecedented natural disaster in America’s fourth-largest city.
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    Jake Paul Is Driving to Texas to ‘Save Thousands of Lives’ From Hurricane Harvey“They need food. They need water. They need vlogs.”
  23. Harvey Both Makes, and Breaks, the Case for Flood-Insurance ReformJust as Texas Rep. Hensarling seemed to be putting together a bipartisan coalition for flood-insurance reform, flooding in his own state intervened.
  24. Disaster Money May Give Congress a Way Out of Its Fiscal CrisisWith disaster funding for Texas becoming the ultimate must-pass legislation, Congress could use it as a way out of September’s fiscal crisis.
  25. More Zoning Wouldn’t Have Protected Houston, But Less Sprawl Would Have HelpedHouston is famous for its hostility to land-use planning. That’s less of a problem than simply too much growth and ever-more frequent storms.
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    The Specter of Climate Change Hangs Over Hurricane HarveyThese once-in-a-generation storms will become more frequent, and more expensive.
  27. Photos Show Scale of Devastation Wrought by Hurricane HarveyAnd the storm is far from over.
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    The Ten Commandments of Using Social Media During Natural DisastersThou shalt not blindly retweet.
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    Texas Braces for ‘Catastrophic’ Flooding From Harvey“Catastrophic and life-threatening flooding is expected,” the National Weather Service has warned. There have also been several tornadoes.
  30. Trump Doesn’t Want You to Die, Even If You Voted for HillaryA comforting hurricane message from the administration.
  31. Trump’s FEMA Director Doesn’t Seem IncompetentBut Hurricane Harvey will be a difficult test to pass.