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  1. extreme weather
    The 2020 Hurricane Season Is Officially Out of NamesThe record-breaking hurricane season has forced meteorologists to use the Greek alphabet to name storms for only the second time in history.
  2. hurricane laura
    Hurricane Laura Batters Louisiana: UpdatesA chlorine-production plant near Lake Charles, Louisiana, has caught fire in the storm’s aftermath.
  3. laura and marco
    Two Hurricanes Could Hit the Gulf Coast Within 48 Hours This WeekWhat we know about the storms Laura and Marco, which are expected to make landfall between Mississippi and east Texas this week.
  4. coronavirus
    The Pandemic and Natural Disasters Are Colliding AgainIsaias in the east and the Apple fire in California reveal the potential for disaster, as the pandemic, fire season, and hurricane season all line up.
  5. climate change
    Republican-led States Want Disaster Aid Without Having to Address Climate ChangeAs states ignore climate change — but seek funding to limit its damage — the region is expected to bear the brunt of rising sea levels in the U.S.
  6. weather
    Everything We Know About Hurricane DorianAfter devastating the Bahamas, the Category 2 storm is moving up the East Coast, pounding the Carolinas with heavy rain and strong winds.
  7. tropical storm florence
    Florence Likely to Hit East Coast as Major Hurricane This WeekThe governor of North Carolina has already declared a state of emergency ahead of the storm.
  8. Ex-Hurricane Ophelia Still Wallops IrelandThe most powerful storm to ever form this far northeast in the Atlantic is now a post-tropical storm that’s packing powerful wind gusts.
  9. I Met the President of Virgin Islands, Says Trump, President of Virgin IslandsNo wonder Trump liked him so much.
  10. How Climate Change Is Creating More Powerful HurricanesThe looming threat of warming oceans is becoming hard to ignore.
  11. extreme weather
    Hurricane Maria Headed for Caribbean, Jose to Skirt Northeast CoastThe U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico could be facing another major hurricane by the middle of the week.
  12. extreme weather
    Hurricane Jose May Brush Northeast, New Storm Threatens Irma-Devastated IslandsThis year’s overactive hurricane season isn’t finished.
  13. Why Are All These Reporters Standing Outside in the Middle of Hurricanes?Is it worth the ratings?
  14. Scenes From Irma’s Path of Destruction, From the Caribbean to FloridaStreets are still under water in parts of Florida, and millions are without power.
  15. Harvey Upgraded to Category 4 Storm With ‘Catastrophic’ Rainfall Up to 40 InchesThe storm could hit Texas with winds of 125 miles per hour and cause potentially “devastating floods.”
  16. There’s a Chance Hurricane Matthew Could Be Headed for the East Coast Next WeekThe Category 1 storm is currently in the Caribbean Sea.
  17. Today in Doomsday: Alex Becomes First January Hurricane in Almost 80 YearsThe end is nigh.
  18. talking about the weather
    Why You Shouldn’t Care About Hurricane Forecasts“It certainly doesn’t mean anything to a coastal resident.”
  19. hurricanes
    Category Two Hurricane Irene Could Hit Category Four, the CarolinasIt could be a long week on the southern coast.
  20. weather
    Obama Declares Earl an Emergency in North CarolinaDepartment of Homeland Security and FEMA take over.
  21. weather
    Just How Badly Is Hurricane Earl Going to Mess Up Your Labor Day Plans?Probably pretty badly.
  22. weather
    East Coast, Meet Hurricane EarlYou guys are set to get very close.
  23. inclement weather
    Hurricanes Starting Early in Gulf of Mexico This YearCongratulations, Gulf!
  24. cleaning up
    Hurricane Season Is Only Going to Cause More Problems for BPOil could result in “storm surge.”