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  1. 2022 midterms
    Doctor Oz Mulls Republican Senate Run in PennsylvaniaHe’s not really from the state and has no real background in politics. But he does have name ID and money — and Trump’s candidate could implode.
  2. extremism
    Conspiracy Theorist Ron Johnson the New Model for Swing State GOP SenatorsSenators from battleground states used to be mostly moderates. Johnson has gone sharply the other way, making wild claims about the Capitol riot.
  3. just asking questions
    A Bioethicist on Trump’s COVID-19 Treatment Plan“You’ve got to imagine that COVID patients are going to be clamoring to get access to Regeneron.”
  4. the national interest
    Trump Is Filling the Government With an Army of KooksThe definition of what’s too crazy for the Republican Party keeps changing.
  5. coronavirus
    Prominent Study Showing Severe Hydroxychloroquine Risk Is RetractedThe influential medical journal The Lancet pulled its paper asserting that the drug was associated with higher mortality in coronavirus patients.
  6. coronavirus
    Hydroxychloroquine and Coronavirus: What Studies Actually SayExamining clinical trials on the antimalarial drug’s use in fighting COVID-19 amid President Trump’s swirl of misinformation.
  7. coronavirus
    Read Letter From Trump’s Doctor Explaining Why He Is Taking HydroxychloroquineIt doesn’t actually explain why — or if — Trump is taking the antimalarial, which can cause dangerous heart problems in certain at-risk groups.
  8. the national interest
    Trump Takes Hydroxychloroquine, Does Not Understand How Science Works“Here’s my evidence — I get a lot of positive calls about it.” That does not sound peer-reviewed.