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  1. hyperbole
    It’s Really Hard to Get ‘Beyond Orwellian,’ and President Obama Isn’t Even Close“Orwellian” is pretty damn bad.
  2. hyperbole
    Brooklyn Barclays Center Sends Ratner, Daily News Into Frenzy An exercise in hyperbole.
  3. revolt like an egyptian
    Qaddafi Promises West Will End Up ‘in the Dustbin of History’He’s a regular wordsmith.
  4. hyperbole
    City to Be Utterly Paralyzed by a Few Inches of Snow TomorrowDamn you, natuuuuure!
  5. people who are doing their part to disempower the name hitler
    Hedge-Fund Manager Compares Ben Bernanke to Hitler“To me, the parallels are ominous.”
  6. iPad Reviews: The Best of the HyperboleAn iPad is a person! Who will save us all!
  7. bon mots
    Robert Morgenthau Doesn’t Want to Overstate How Utterly Cataclysmic That Would BeThe entire court system would shut down if we held a terrorism trial in the city.
  8. in other news
    Are We Blogs Really Too Hyperbolic?That’s what Jon Stewart would have us believe.