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  1. hypocrites
    Jerry Falwell Jr. Allegedly Approved of His Wife’s AffairA former pool attendant says he had sex with Becki Falwell while her husband watched.
  2. crimes and misdemeanors
    KKK Leader Caught With a Black Male ProstituteThe alleged Kansas shooter has an excuse, just in case you thought he couldn’t get any worse!
  3. hypocrites
    Mississippi Congressman Decides Not to Be the World’s Worst Hypocrite AnymoreHe begged for money after Katrina, then voted against Sandy aid.
  4. early and awkward
    Mitt Romney Aghast That Obama Campaign Is Airing Dishonest AdsWhy don’t we listen to the fact-checkers?
  5. cindy mccain
    Cindy McCain: ‘I Stand by My Husband’s Stance on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’But just yesterday, she didn’t.
  6. from a distance
    Another Gay Escort Details Night With Christian-Right LeaderThat’s two. Do we hear three?
  7. from a distance
    Christian Right Leader Nabbed Traveling With Gay EscortOh yes.