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    Why ‘Gossip Girl’ Is the Best Teen Drama You’ve Been Watching Your Whole LifeWelcome back to work, Upper East Siders. Did you see this morning’s “Rush & Molloy” item about how people have started confusing Lost star Ian Somerhalder for Chace Crawford, who plays Nate on Gossip Girl? This we appreciate, as we have often thought the two are twins of rosy-cheeked elfin hotness. We also appreciate it because we have been thinking about our favorite show for the whole holiday break. We assume you were as devastated as we were to discover that last week’s episode, the last glorious flash of your spiritual libertarianism before you were subsumed by communist familial obligations, was a rerun. But never fear! We did some GG analyzing anyway, for your reading pleasure. Click below to read the official Daily Intel take on the etymology of teen drama and how it’s influenced the greatest show of our time. A Look at the Cast of ‘Gossip Girl’ [NYM]