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Ibragim Todashev

  1. boston bombing
    Here’s What Tsarnaev’s Friend Was Writing When He Was KilledHe describes “the robbery me and Tam did in Waltham.”
  2. crimes and misdemeanors
    FBI All Clear in Fatal Shooting of Tsarnaev FriendFlorida prosecutors have ruled it self-defense.
  3. boston bombing
    Tsarnaev Involved in 2011 Triple Homicide, Says Dead FriendAt least some of the reports on Ibragim Todashev were right.
  4. fbi files
    States Won’t Look Into Why an FBI Agent Shot Ibragim TodashevBut rest assured, the FBI is investigating.
  5. fbi files
    All Fatal FBI Shootings Were Justified, According to the FBI Surprise, surprise.
  6. boston bombing
    Sources: Slain Tsarnaev Friend Possibly Armed, Definitely DangerousYet another version of the story.
  7. boston bombing
    Tsarnaev Friend Fatally Shot by FBI Was UnarmedA civil rights group is calling for an investigation.
  8. boston bombing
    FBI Agent Kills Man With Ties to TsarnaevIbragim Todashev allegedly attacked the FBI agent.