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Ice Cream

  1. business
    How Mister Softee Got Driven Out of ChinaTurner Sparks brought the iconic New York ice-cream truck to Suzhou. It was a hit. Then the hammer fell.
  2. no risk of melting
    Video: Is Anyone Eating Ice Cream in New York’s Record-Breaking Cold?At least one tourist bought a frozen yogurt in Times Square today.
  3. upstate
    Sno Cone Joe to Mr. Ding-a-Ling: ‘This Is My Town!’The upstate ice-cream truck wars have gotten out of hand.
  4. we all scream
    President Obama Weirdly Eats Ice Cream Cone With a SpoonWhy not order a cup?
  5. neighborhood news
    Ice-Cream Vendors Are Predictably Unwelcome at Park Slope PlaygroundsTo the message board! 
  6. moral tarpitude
    Does This Mean Free Ice Cream for Everyone Day Will Be Happening Soon?The government made $25.2 billion from its TARP investments.
  7. moms who are mad
    The Day the Sprinkles DiedOne mom has taken her battle against junk food in schools to new heights, and depths.
  8. in other news
    At Least It’s Free-Cone Day While you’re angrily contemplating what exactly your taxes are paying for this year, cool your fury with free ice cream. Those hippie liberals from Vermont are giving away their sweet fatty goodness for nothing! From noon to 7 p.m., experience a tastier equivalent of a Soviet bread line. The ice-cream oligarchy of Ben and Jerry’s will be happy to serve you, but no promises on the availability of Americone Dream. It can be tough to find. Store Locator [Ben & Jerry’s]
  9. grub street
    We All Scream for Lobster! If it were us, we might not have named the thing a Lobster-Roll Ice-Cream Sandwich, because it sounds, well, gross. But look at the picture and consider the ingredients: a buttered-and-griddled top-cut hot-dog bun, filled with chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream, and more chocolate sauce. And then remember that had Ed McFarland, of Ed’s Lobster Bar, called it something else, it might not be this week’s Sandwich of the Week. And then where would we be? That’s Right: A Lobster-Roll-Inspired Ice-Cream Sandwich [Grub Street]
  10. in other news
    Countdown to Saint Patrick’s Day: C Is for Cookie At Saint Patrick’s Day approaches, the man who might be New York’s angriest blogger, Copyranter Mark Duffy, reminds us of an artifact of our not particularly Irish New York youth: Carvel’s Cookie O’Puss. Specifically, he found what we think is the TV commercial that initially introduced regular Cookie Puss’s Irish friend. It’s from 1982, and dig those low-fi special effects. Copyranter, we thank you for your patronage. Cookie Puss [Copyranter]
  11. party lines
    Stephen Colbert’s Excruciating Brain Freeze Last night, Stephen Colbert joined Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield at the Dream Hotel’s penthouse to launch the hip — and hippie — ice-cream company’s new flavor, Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream. We can vouch for the product, which was served gratis to the guests: vanilla ice cream loaded with caramel and fudge-covered waffle bits. But how does the famed conservative pundit feel about being lumped in with such lefty Ben & Jerry’s flavor namesakes as Jerry Garcia, Phish, and, apparently, Willie Nelson? We discussed this and more with Stephen, Ben, and Jerry. When you taste it, what makes you think, This is Stephen Colbert’s ice cream? Stephen: It actually tastes like me. No one will ever find out, because I’m married, but this is what I taste like. Very sweet.