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    Group Chats Are Making the Internet Fun AgainThe triumphant return of aimless digital chatter.
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    Is Apple Bringing iMessage to Android?You might not need an iPhone to use iMessage soon.
  3. How to Remove iMessage Stickers So You Can Actually Read Your TextsStickers are tied for iOS 10’s most fun and most annoying feature.
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    How to Use iMessage (to Annoy the Hell Out of Your Friends)Stickers are just the beginning.
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    iMessage’s New Stickers and Apps Make It Apple’s Own Social NetworkThese new fun features are available today in iOS 10.
  6. Here Are All the Crucial Ways Your iPhone Is About to ChangeSay good-bye to your current iPhone experience.
  7. The 7 New Features That Are About to Radically Change iPhone MessagesEmoji! Video! Invisible ink!