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Immigration And Customs Enforcement

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    ICE Was a Danger to Immigrants. The Coronavirus Makes It a Danger to Everyone.The spread of the pandemic has made the agency’s reign of terror untenable.
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    This Is the Immigration Policy Liberals WantJulián Castro is the first 2020 candidate to offer a clear alternative to both Trump’s immigration agenda — and Barack Obama’s.
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    2020 Democratic Candidates Will Need a Definitive Stance on ICE, and SoonReports of deceptive stings and ICE force-feeding detainees will only draw more scrutiny as the race heats up, and Democrats must offer solutions.
  4. ‘Abolish ICE’: The Roots of the Left’s New Immigration Rallying CryAmid the outrage over family separations, a slogan initially used by activists is becoming more mainstream, with some Democratic lawmakers signing on.
  5. DHS: Nearly 2,000 Children Taken Under Trump’s New Border PolicyTrump insists that families are being separated because of a Democratic policy, but that’s not true.
  6. Pizza Guy Detained by ICE While Delivering to Brooklyn Army BasePablo Villavicencio says he’s brought food to the Fort Hamilton base many times before, but on Friday something went wrong.
  7. Arrests of Undocumented Immigrants Without Criminal Records Skyrocketed in 2017The Trump administration’s shift in priorities has had a very real effect.
  8. ICE to Gain Access to Huge License-Plate DatabaseA new surveillance tool given to an agency not known for its restraint.