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Immigration Reform

  1. the national interest
    Which Party Benefits From Immigration Reform?There can only be one.
  2. the national interest
    The Gaffe That Threatens Immigration ReformA face-palm moment for the Republican elite.
  3. Frank Rich on the National Circus: Edward Snowden Won’t Undo the Patriot ActAmerica yawns while he hides.
  4. the national interest
    Immigration Reform Back From the BrinkFirst major scare: averted.
  5. the national interest
    Libertarian Columnist Timothy Carney Is In Way Over His Head“Jonathan Chait keeps being wrong about Obamacare,” says guy who has no idea what he’s talking about.
  6. the national interest
    Anti-Obamacare Jihad May Kill Immigration ReformThe biggest threat to reform emerges.
  7. the national interest
    Rubio Won’t Vote for Rubio’s Immigration BillThat’s not how negotiation is supposed to work, is it?
  8. the national interest
    George W. Bush Hit in GOP Immigration CrossfireAnother innocent victim.
  9. bons mots
    George W. Bush Expresses Thoughts on Immigration Reform, BushilyDo the right thing.
  10. immigration reform
    House GOP Now Favors Health-Care Mandate, But Only for ImmigrantsIt’s totally different than Obama’s mandate.
  11. immigration reform
    Senate Committee Passes Immigration Bill, Minus Protections for Gay CouplesThough the bill now contains “rank discrimination,” Schumer still supports it.
  12. the national interest
    How Jason Richwine Passed Immigration ReformHe dies for our sins.
  13. the national interest
    Immigration Reform Critics Not All Crazy BigotsMany are! But not all. We should listen to the non-crazy ones.
  14. the national interest
    National Review Slightly Miffed at RubioHe is young and irresponsible.
  15. equal rites
    Will the Push to Include Gay Couples Kill Immigration Reform?Marco Rubio says yes.
  16. the national interest
    Politico’s Innumeracy Ruining 61 Million LivesOr so. It’s a very approximate, Politico-style calculation.
  17. the national interest
    Today in ‘Immigration Reform Is Really Happening’Paul Ryan has a mariachi band; Marco Rubio stars in a Zuckerberg production.
  18. the national interest
    Why Boehner Will Betray His Base on ImmigrationHe’s going to fold.
  19. immigration reform
    Immigration Bill Addresses America’s Foreign Ski Instructor ShortagePhew.
  20. immigration reform
    Senators Finish Immigration Bill, Opponents Come Together on Plan to Kill ItPut it off even longer.
  21. immigration reform
    Marco Rubio Now Fully in Favor of His Immigration BillHe’d seemed wary of the bill he’s writing.
  22. the national interest
    How Boehner’s Crazy Method Is Letting Obama’s Agenda MoveSuddenly Congress is a lean, mean, bill-passing machine. Why?
  23. immigration reform
    Senate to Unveil Its Immigration Plan This WeekThey’ll have weeks to fight about it.
  24. Everyone Agrees on the Senate Immigration Bill, Except RubioHe says reports of a deal are “premature.”
  25. what’s in a name?
    John McCain Isn’t the Only Immigration Reformer Sticking With the ‘I-Word’Senators aren’t giving up on “illegal immigrant.”
  26. ‘We Used to Have 50–60 Wetbacks’Those were the days.
  27. immigration reform
    Gang of Eight Heads to the Border, Sees Live Immigration ViolationA woman tried to climb an eighteen-foot fence a few yards from the senators.
  28. immigration reform
    Junot Díaz on Superman’s Immigration Status“On Krypton, do they speak Spanish?” asks Colbert.
  29. immigration reform
    Business, Unions Stall Immigration NegotiationsApparently they’re not making that early March deadline.
  30. the national interest
    GOP Candidates Form Pro-Immigration CartelThe 2016 race and immigration reform are the same story.
  31. immigration reform
    Immigration Reform Could Lead to Biometric ID Cards for EveryoneLindsey Graham says this is “the public’s way of contributing to solving the problem.”
  32. immigration reform
    GOP Senators Repair Immigration Rift With Obama, Argue With ConstituentsIt’s going to take more than a phone call to calm the base.
  33. immigration reform
    Leaked Plan Offers Immigrants Path to Green CardIf Congress doesn’t come up with their own plan, then Obama will make them vote on his.
  34. the national interest
    How Marco Rubio Has Taken Over the Republican PartyOr, Rubio is to Paul Ryan as Bush was to Cheney.
  35. Frank Rich on the National Circus: Hagel Was Bad; His Inquisitors Were WorseMcCain has some chutzpah to criticize the nominee over Iraq.
  36. the national interest
    On Immigration, GOP Elites Tell Their Base to Pound SandYou gonna take that, Republican base?
  37. sí se puede
    With GOP Set on Immigration Reform, House Republicans Ask What’s in It for ThemSo much for party unity.
  38. crossing over
    President Obama’s Favorite Immigrants of All TimeNo. 1: Google founder Sergey Brin.
  39. the national interest
    Immigration Reform Really, Truly HappeningWhen Republicans actually decide to pass a bill, they don’t mess around.
  40. the national interest
    Republican Immigration Reform Is a Thing NowBut conservatives have deeper problems with Latino voters.
  41. crossing over
    Mitt Romney Leads on Immigration by Releasing Vague, Useless Statement [Updated]If only Obama had been leading this much, we would have had immigration reform already.
  42. media
    Jose Antonio Vargas Just Misses Immigration Policy Cutoff, Is Thrilled AnywayHe’s 31, not 30.
  43. america’s most spiteful sheriff
    Joe Arpaio Is America’s Most Spiteful Sheriff He hates the federal government, loves racial profiling. 
  44. party chat
    Gloria Estefan Doesn’t Blame President Obama for Lack of Progress on Immigration Reform“I wish that the president had a lot more power than he does, but he doesn’t,” she tells us.
  45. crossing over
    Obama’s Stirring Immigration Speech Slightly Tainted by Misquote of ‘The New Colossus’Obama goes the sentimental route in major speech on immigration reform.
  46. crossing over
    President Obama, Little Girl Would Like Congress to Do Something About Immigration ReformThe human cost of our messed-up immigration situation was on full display today.
  47. Paterson Creates Immigration Review Panel“In New York we believe in renewal … ” the governor says.
  48. crossing over
    So, What’s Happening With Immigration Reform?It’s either definitely happening this year, definitely not happening this year, or maybe happening this year.
  49. immigration reform
    Arizona Immigration Law Draws Ire of Sharpton, New York PoliticiansBloomberg: “America will be badly hurt if more states follow Arizona’s lead.”
  50. crossing over
    Democrats Decide to Go for Hispanic Votes Over Environmentalist Votes?The debate over the next Big Issue that Congress will tackle.
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