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Impeachment Inquiry

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    Read Fiona Hill’s Opening Statement in Thursday’s Impeachment HearingThe former NSC official will testify that the theory that Ukraine interfered with the 2016 U.S. election is a “fictional narrative.”
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    Trump Impeachment Hearing Who’s Who: David HolmesThe Ukraine embassy staffer’s testimony may further implicate both President Trump and U.N. Ambassador Gordon Sondland in the quid pro quo.
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    Trump Impeachment Hearing Who’s Who: Fiona HillLike Gordon Sondland, Hill may implicate Trump’s staff in the quid pro quo. But Hill will also testify as to Sondland’s complicity and incompetence.
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    Trump Impeachment Hearing Who’s Who: Alexander VindmanVindman is the top Ukraine expert on the NSC, and was on the July 25 call in which Trump pressured Zelensky to investigate Hunter Biden.
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    Trump Impeachment Hearing Who’s Who: Tim MorrisonMorrison will confirm that Trump planned to release aid only if Ukraine announced a Biden investigation, a detail key to Dems’ impeachment argument.
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    Trump Impeachment Hearing Who’s Who: Kurt VolkerVolker’s texts show that the administration expected Ukraine to open an investigation into a conspiracy theory in exchange for a White House visit.
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    Trump Impeachment Hearing Who’s Who: Marie YovanovitchThe former ambassador to Ukraine will explain how Trump “threatened” and fired her so she would not interfere with the quid pro quo.
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    Giuliani Considers Solving Ukraine Legal Woes With Impeachment PodcastRudy Giuliani may be considering a podcast to comment on the impeachment inquiry, despite being a subject of a criminal probe for his role in Ukraine.
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    Lindsey Graham: Trump Too ‘Incoherent’ to Pull Off Quid Pro QuoAfter saying that the impeachment inquiry was “B.S.” on Tuesday, Graham returned with a defense of Trump that’s more insulting than effective.
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    House Democrats Could Soon Learn Inner Workings of Giuliani’s Ukraine OperationGiuliani’s fixer will cooperate with House Democrats, potentially providing the impeachment inquiry with a view into Giuliani’s dealings in Ukraine.
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    Trump Reportedly Obsessed With Impeachment Coverage: ‘We’re Getting Killed’Trump is watching more TV to stay informed on his potentially impeachable actions. Outside of Fox News, he’s reportedly not liking what he’s seeing.
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    House Will Officially Authorize Impeachment Proceedings After AllNancy Pelosi decided to take the very step Republicans have been angrily demanding, but they will angrily oppose it anyway.
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    Republicans Storm Closed Meeting, Demand Transparency for Stonewalling TrumpTrump’s allies want transparency from Congress, but not from him.
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    Trump Calls Impeachment Inquiry a ‘Lynching’ and Gets the Reaction He WantedThe ridiculous comparison drew immediate criticism.