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  1. impeachment
    Trump Trial Takes Shape in the SenateThe key thing to watch for amid the pomp and circumstance is whether McConnell can maintain control of the Senate — and the president.
  2. trump impeachment
    Bad News, John Roberts Will Not Wear a Striped Robe for Impeachment TrialThe impeachment trial just got a little less sartorially interesting.
  3. capitol report
    What It’s Like to Manage an Impeachment Trial in the U.S. Senate“This is on live TV with a billion people watching. If I say anything stupid my grandkids are going to be seeing it on the History Channel.”
  4. impeachment
    Watch GOP Senator Call Reporter ‘Liberal Hack’ for Asking About ImpeachmentOutright hostility to the news media will not lose Martha McSally any fans on the right.
  5. impeachment
    House Votes to Send Impeachment Articles to SenateNow the impeachment focus really will shift to the Senate.
  6. trump impeachment
    The Complete Guide to President Trump’s ImpeachmentEverything you need to keep up with the Ukraine scandal and Trump’s impeachment, from analysis of key issues to daily recaps of the proceedings.
  7. impeachment
    Pelosi Appoints Impeachment Managers, to Be Led by Adam SchiffThe managers will trigger the Senate trial once they present articles of impeachment.
  8. the national interest
    Trump’s Goons Were Up to Something Very Shady in UkraineExtraordinarily damning new evidence of the president’s extortion scheme.
  9. ukraine scandal
    House Intel Releases Documents Showing Lev Parnas’s Connection to TrumpIncluding an email from Trump’s attorney acknowledging that the president “consent[ed]” to a plan to connect Parnas to a former Trump lawyer.
  10. the national interest
    Trump Wants to Convince Bernie Voters the Election Was Rigged AgainThey’re running the same play they ran in 2016.
  11. impeachment
    House to Trigger Senate Impeachment Trial in Wednesday VotePelosi says the House will vote Wednesday to name impeachment managers, which likely means Trump’s Senate trial will start next week.
  12. impeachment
    It’s Time for Pelosi and McConnell to Make Some Big Impeachment Trial DecisionsThe impeachment trial schedule should be set by week’s end, and the initial skirmishing in the Senate over rules will soon begin.
  13. impeachment
    What We Know About Trump’s Senate Impeachment TrialImpeachment trial procedures are an amalgam of constitutional provisions, Senate rules, and ad hoc procedures controlled by Mitch McConnell’s GOP.
  14. capitol beat
    McConnell’s Senate Trial Rules: ‘No One Is Going to See Until We’re Underway’The GOP leader has said that the blueprint will be the rules used for the Senate trial of Clinton. But he also might be modifying them.
  15. impeachment
    Pelosi Prepares for Presentation of Impeachment Articles As Early As Next WeekLooks like a trial could begin as soon as the week of January 20, unless Pelosi has another trick up her sleeve.
  16. impeachment
    McConnell Says Trump Trial Could Begin Next Week, Pelosi Says Not So FastOnce articles of impeachment are formally presented in the Senate, a trial begins right away.
  17. impeachment
    House Republicans Want to Add Some Crazy to Trump Trial DefenseMcConnell is struggling to keep Trump’s acquittal minimally dignified, but his president and allies in the House have other ideas.
  18. impeachment
    McConnell Has the Votes to Begin Impeachment Trial Without WitnessesNeither Pelosi’s hold on articles of impeachment nor Bolton’s offer to testify shook Republican unity on beginning the trial without a witness deal.
  19. the national interest
    Republicans Scared John Bolton Will Testify About Trump’s Ukraine CrimesFirsthand witness shouldn’t be heard in the Senate trial because reasons.
  20. trump impeachment
    What Will Happen to the Trump Toadies?Look to Nixon’s defenders, and the Vichy collaborators, for clues.
  21. impeachment
    Bolton’s Offer to Testify May Not Be a Game-Changer Just YetNobody really knows what he will say, and the battle over witnesses in an impeachment trial is far from resolved.
  22. trump impeachment
    John Bolton Willing to Testify in Senate Impeachment Trial If Subpoenaed“I have concluded that, if the Senate issues a subpoena for my testimony, I am prepared to testify.”
  23. impeachment
    Unredacted Emails Show Pentagon’s Concern Over Trump Withholding Aid to UkrainePentagon emails call the withholding of aid a “clear direction” from Trump, as officials worried he would violate the Impoundment Control Act.
  24. vision 2020
    My Existential Dread of 2020The long-awaited reckoning with Trumpism is about to arrive.
  25. impeachment
    GOP Senator Lisa Murkowski ‘Disturbed’ by Mitch McConnell Impeachment CommentMeanwhile, Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal claims “five to 10” GOP senators have “severe misgivings” about McConnell’s impeachment trial plan.
  26. trump impeachment
    Trump Rips ‘Crazy Nancy’ Hours After His Christmas-Morning Call for UnityThat was fast, even for Trump.
  27. president trump
    Trump Conquered the GOP by Surrendering to Its EstablishmentThe president has forced congressional Republicans to put him above the law — but not above the conservative agenda.
  28. impeachment
    Judiciary Lawyer Suggests House May Have to Impeach Trump AgainIf ex–White House counsel Don McGahn exposes offenses not covered by the impeachment articles, the House could add an obstruction-of-justice charge.
  29. 2020 elections
    Democratic Money Mobilizing to Win SenateIt will still be an uphill battle for Democrats, but they have a decent shot at giving a new president a fighting change to succeed.
  30. agents of change
    Why New Jersey Rep. Jeff Van Drew Ditched the Democrats and Sided With Trump“I’m sure it made him feel good temporarily, but I don’t think Trump makes friends well, and doesn’t keep them well.”
  31. the national interest
    Tulsi Gabbard and the Return of the Anti-Anti-Trump LeftThe small cadre of leftists who see the Democrats as the main enemy oppose impeachment and might help Trump win reelection.
  32. impeachment
    White House May Try to Argue Impeached President Wasn’t Impeached: ReportA little case of holiday denial born out of a process-based concern surrounding Pelosi’s delay in sending articles of impeachment to the Senate.
  33. christian right
    Fighting Impeachment As Spiritual WarfareThe Christian Right is more invested in Trump’s survival — beyond an impeachment trial and the next election — than ever.
  34. interesting times
    Andrew Sullivan: What We Know About Trump Going Into 2020He changed American politics in some foundational — even productive — ways. But we can’t let him destroy our political institutions.
  35. evangelicals
    No, Evangelicals Aren’t Turning on TrumpChristianity Today may support impeachment, but most white Evangelicals don’t.
  36. the national interest
    Trump Believed Ukraine Conspiracy Because ‘Putin Told Me’Meanwhile, Trump is still listening to Ukraine theories from Russian-financed crooks.
  37. impeachment
    Pelosi Buys Democrats Time With Impeachment Trial StandoffPelosi may just be trying to squeeze concessions from McConnell, but if the stalemate drags on both both sides may opt to forego a Senate trial.
  38. the national interest
    Trump Slips Up, Reveals When He Said ‘Do Us a Favor,’ He Meant ‘Do Me a Favor’Trump tries his hand at close Talmudic textual reading. It goes badly.
  39. impeachment
    Pelosi Hints at Delaying Senate Trial; McConnell Says ‘I’m in No Hurry’This looks like a game of chicken that will probably end in the January trial we’ve expected all along.
  40. impeachment
    Rep. Debbie Dingell Responds to Trump Suggesting Her Late Husband Is in HellAfter Trump said John Dingell may be “looking up” rather than in heaven, Debbie Dingell told New York she “can’t explain why he’s fixated on me.”
  41. impeachment
    Trump’s Post-Impeachment Rally Was His Longest and Strangest YetFor 123 minutes, Trump mostly avoided impeachment, but suggested a late Michigan Democrat is in hell and compared the looks of Tom Cruise to an F-35.
  42. the capitol
    The Impeachment Debate Took Place in Two Parallel UniversesThere was a surreal lack of drama – or even human interaction – in the House on Wednesday, despite the historical context.
  43. impeachment
    Yes, Trump’s Impeachment Was Partisan. The Others Were Too.For all the hand-wringing about partisanship in Congress today, it’s hardly unprecedented in the brief history of presidential impeachments.
  44. impeachment
    President Trump Officially Impeached by the House While Onstage at RallyTrump is the third president to ever be impeached by the House. Now the process moves to the Senate, which is expected to hold a trial next month.
  45. impeachment
    Assessing Nancy Pelosi’s Impeachment Wins and LossesThe final verdict on this skillful Speaker’s strategy won’t come until after the election, but she’s already achieved some goals and failed at others.
  46. the national interest
    In the End, Impeachment Was the Only ChoiceTrump claimed he has an “absolute right.” Congress had no choice but to label that unconstitutional.
  47. trump impeachment
    House Debates Trump Impeachment: TimelineSix hours of floor debate were followed by the successful vote to impeach President Trump on counts of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.
  48. impeachment
    Presidential Scholar Douglas Brinkley: How History Will Judge Trump Impeachment“Trump’s pettiness and petulance is making the presidency look small.”
  49. impeachment
    GOP Reps Liken Impeachment to Pearl Harbor, Say Trump Treated Worse Than JesusMike Kelly said the impeachment will “live in infamy,” while Barry Loudermilk said at least Jesus had the “opportunity to face his accusers.”
  50. trump impeachment
    President Trump Is Getting More PopularA handful of recent polls show his approval rating climbing, despite his impending impeachment.
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