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Important Questions

  1. important questions
    Was the Pizza Rat Video Staged?What is real?
  2. important questions
    Turkish Judge Asks, ‘Is Gollum Good or Bad?’A man’s fate relies on the answer.
  3. important questions
    Potential Schock Replacement Asked Whether He Will Repaint Office of IniquityHe didn’t answer the question. 
  4. important questions
    The Mississippi Personhood Anti-Abortion Amendment Raises a Few Interesting QuestionsReductio ad absurdum.
  5. rick rolling
    Politico Asks an Impolite Question About Rick Perry“Is Rick Perry dumb?”
  6. important debates
    A Surprising Number of People Want to Read MindsIt’s tied with time travel as the No. 1 superpower people would like to have. Really?
  7. affairs
    Is Cheating Worse If You Do It in the Bed You Share With Your Spouse?Apparently so.
  8. the oval orifice
    Who Is Having Sex With This Inflatable Barack Obama Sex Doll?Liberals or conservatives?
  9. important questions
    Deep Thoughts on Extreme TemperaturesIs sweltering heat better than blistering cold?
  10. important questions
    Deep Thoughts on Prehistoric SexWould you rather …
  11. taking a stand
    Chicago Cab Drivers Want to Charge Puking Passengers $50Unfair!
  12. important questions
    Do You Ask Cab Drivers to Get Off the Phone?Did you even know you could?
  13. reporting
    Does Russell Crowe Really Look Like a ‘Dumpling in a Wig’?Or is ‘Snark’ author David Denby just being snarky?
  14. ink-stained bitches
    Okay, Fine: What Does the Necklace Diablo Cody Bought for Her ‘Fempire’ Friends Say?Cooter? Twatermelon?