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  1. dicks
    Ex-Powell Aide: Dick Cheney Was Practically President, Fears War Crime ProsecutionThe former vice-president is a “very vindictive person.”
  2. dicks
    Colin Powell’s Head Still Intact After Reading Dick Cheney’s BookApparently, the former VP’s “cheap shots” did not have the desired effect.
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    Dick Cheney’s Dog Attacked George W. Bush’s Dog at Camp DavidDave, a 100-pound yellow Lab, was then banned from the Laurel lodge.
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    Expected and Unexpected: Dick Cheney’s Memoir EditionCheney’s “prolonged, vivid dream” after his heart surgery falls into the “unexpected” category.
  5. dicks
    Dick Cheney to Finally Share His Opinions on ThingsHis memoir is coming out in August.