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In This Economy

  1. four weddings and a funeral
    Funeral Homes Now Also Wedding VenuesOur hearse doubles as a limo!
  2. great divorces
    Countess Marie Douglas-David and Her 67-Year-Old Husband Will Divorce Each Other to DeathThe Swedish “countess” suing her CEO ex-husband for $100 million is back in court and back in the news.
  3. in this economy
    Nouriel Roubini: ‘I Am Ugly, But I Have a Beautiful Mind’Dr. Doom on girls, the recession, and the secret to throwing an awesome party.
  4. divorce score
    George David Counted on His CountessFor more than just “forced” sex and arm candy. She was also an unofficial business consultant!
  5. divorce score
    Countess Marie Douglas-David Used to Fight DirtyOr is it that she used to dirty fight?
  6. divorce score
    Constructively Yours: Our Recap of the Douglas-David Divorce Trial, Day FourNow with Joe Lieberman!
  7. in this economy
    Andrea Peyser Opens the Door to Even More Marie Douglas-David MadnessLet’s play the Divorce Game!
  8. in this economy
    Old Sex Discussed in Detail at David Divorce TrialThe grossest divorce of the Greatest Depression gets even grosser.
  9. in this economy
    Marie Douglas-David’s Complete ExpensesHer personal assistant is well compensated. As is her furrier!
  10. in this economy
    Why Marie Douglas-David Really Needs More Than $43 Million From Her DivorceIf she spends $1,000 per week on skin treatment now, imagine what she’ll need sixteen years from now!