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Ina Drew

  1. whale fail
    Did Ina Drew Deserve the Boot After All?A counter-narrative emerges.
  2. whale fail
    The Primacy of Judgment on Wall StreetAnd why Ina Drew almost had the right kind.
  3. the claaaaaw
    The Politics of Wall Street ClawbacksWho gets the claw? Who doesn’t?
  4. wall street
    Ina Drew: JPMorgan’s Sacrificial Ma’amBehind every Wall Street scandal, there’s a female executive to take the fall.
  5. white men losing money
    JPMorgan Not Done Answering for $2 Billion LossThe fallout from the $2 billion loss isn’t over yet.
  6. white men with money
    Jamie Dimon Blames $2 Billion Loss on Sloppiness, Stupidity “This is a very unfortunate and inopportune time to have this kind of mistake.”