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Inaugur Nation!

  1. inaugur-nation!
    Can You Find Diddy Playing With His BlackBerry?Relive the inaugural, pixel by pixel.
  2. inaugur-nation!
    President Obama Retakes the Oath of Office, Just to Be SureOkay, now he’s DEFINITELY president.
  3. inaugur-nation!
    The Inauguration Wasn’t All Smiles and Bunting After AllThere was also a ‘Purple Tunnel of Doom.’
  4. inaugur-nation!
    Celebrity Fit Club’s Ross Mathews Ready to ‘Assume Any Position’ for Obama’I am going to be the mayor of Palm Springs. I just want to wear kimonos and Native American jewelry.’
  5. vice president … of laughs!
    Biden, As Is His Wont, Makes Politically Tactless JokeBut wet blanket Barack Obama didn’t seem to find it funny.
  6. inaugur-nation!
    Video: Colin Powell Breaks It Down at the BET BallYes, including to the song ‘Hips Don’t Lie.’
  7. early and after
    So What Happened to Bush Yesterday Afternoon?He played cards and then went home.
  8. Times Blows Another OpportunityOr did they?
  9. early and often
    Rick Warren and Joseph Lowery Yesterday: Offensive or A-Okay?Some sensitive souls found offense in both Warren and Lowery’s addresses. Others did not!
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    What You Didn’t See on TV: Inauguration Celebrity WatchYou watched the ceremony, you analyzed the speech, you likely teared up. But what did you miss? Jada Yuan, embedded in the crowd, reports.
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    Ted Kennedy Recovering WellHis seizure yesterday was due to ‘simple fatigue.’
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    Barack and Michelle’s First Dance: Middle-School MarvelousOkay, okay, we were wrong. Beyoncé kicked butt.
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    Heilemann: Obama’s Spare Inaugural Rhetoric Signals Strategic MasteryObama is striving to position himself as the head of a kind of national-unity government.
  14. party lines
    Jeezy and Cannon at the Hip-Hop Inaugural Ball’America is pregnant with a new baby we call hope and freedom.’ Right!
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    Were You Nervous When the Obamas Got Out of Their Car?Or is that paranoid?
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    Obama’s Inaugural Address Wins Approval, MostlyReactions pour in from around the web.
  17. inaugur-nation!
    People Still Throwing Shoes at BushWell, kind of.
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    Senator Collapses During Capitol Hill Lunch [UPDATED]We’re not sure who it is yet; at this point CNN is just rattling off the names of old or infirm senators.
  19. inaugur-luncheon!
    Obama Is Eating Pheasant RIGHT NOWDo you think he’s thinking, “Wow, I’m president”?
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    Chief Justice Roberts Ruins Perfectly Nice CeremonyHey, John Roberts, you had one job to do today, and you blew it.
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    Hillary’s Walk to State Department Not So Easy-Breezy After AllSomeone’s getting in the way of a ‘unanimous consent’ vote confirming her for office.
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    Scenes From History: Inauguration SlideshowSome of our favorite moments from today.
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    Rachel Maddow on Being ‘Enraged’ by Obama, and the Future of Fox NewsAll we had to do was ask about Rick Warren.
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    Live-Blogging the InaugurationHere we go.
  25. early and often
    The Wish List: What Pundits Hope From ObamaJust be the best president ever, Obama.
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    First Awkward Racial Slip of the Day Goes to: Brian WilliamsCraig Robinson and Reggie Love both play basketball — maybe that’s why the NBC anchor got them confused?
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    President and President-Elect Only People in D.C. Not Stuck in TrafficThe motorcade has arrived at the Capitol!
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    Obamas and Bushes MeetMichelle brought Laura a present!
  29. inaugur-nation!
    Obamas Heading to Meet Bushes and CheneysThe prayers are over. Now it’s time for reckoning.
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    John Podesta Has a Brief Message About the Future of DemocracyIt involves BlackBerries. Bear with him.
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    Barack Obama Starts His Big Day Twelve Minutes LateAnd Michelle looks pretty!
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    Barney Frank, Stand-up CongressmanHe’s a laugh a minute!
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    Inauguration Report: On the Ticket Lines, Long Waits and Family FeudsWho gets to go, the parents or the children? Some ticket-holders face difficult decisions.
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    You Never See Obama SweatOn the eve of the inauguration, the prez-elect is as cool as a cucumber.
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    Jill Biden Is Gaffe-Prone, Too!Jill spilled a secret in a surprise appearance on ‘Oprah’ today.
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    Scandal! White Hands on Barack Obama!Washington hostesses unable to get the president-elect’s RSVP at their inauguration parties this week may think they are being clever by substituting a cardboard version of Barack Obama for the real thing — but little do they know, a scandal awaits them.
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    A New Face for a New AdministrationPeople are getting last-minute cosmetic procedures for the inauguration.
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    Who Is Trying to Steal Obama’s Thunder?Jeremiah Wright, obviously. But there are a couple of other stealth spotlight-stealers…
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    T-Minus-One Day to a New AmericaSomehow, this feeling of giddiness is mitigated by the fact that you are the only one of your friends who has to work today.
  40. inaugur-nation!
    New Republic Will Be White House Required Reading, Says Emanuel at New Republic EventHe may be high up in Obama’s ranks, but so what? He could’ve been Baryshnikov!
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    Heilemann: The Alterna-InaugurationWhat if he’d used his grassroots network to stage mini-inaugurals in every state of the union?
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    What You Didn’t See On-Camera at the HBO ConcertIt was the little things that made the concert special — like seeing Obama give the “You killed it!” finger point.
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    Gays Look Forward, Try Not to Dwell on Rick WarrenIf Obama delivers on his policy promises, the pastor will be an afterthought.
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    Christopher Hitchens Blames Torture on Common Americans, Demands ‘Tongue’ From Andrew Sullivan“I want tongue. Give me tongue,” Hitchens implored.
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    Crowd Control: Movers and Shakers Have Hard Time Moving, ShakingWith millions pouring in to witness Tuesday’s big event — and the celebrations both preceding and following it — maneuvering around D.C. has become a happy challenge.
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    D.C. Prostitutes and Coke Dealers on Business Spiking for the InaugurationKarina, 26, traveled five hours to get here, and was already “pretty booked up.”
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    Obama Gets His Confidence, Eloquence From His Father’s TribeAnd, they say, a lot of what you think of as Obama’s Chicago toughness and Ivy League eloquence is actually ancestral.