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  1. Charges Dropped Against Remaining J20 Inauguration Day Protesters“Obviously it’s a huge relief to have these charges dropped after an 18-month nightmare,” one defendant said.
  2. In 49 States, Trump Is Even Less Popular Now Than When He Was InauguratedThe president’s doing better in the polls lately. But overall, his popularity since taking office has been in a long slide.
  3. Trump’s Inaugural Committee Still Won’t Say How It Spent $107 MillionThe inauguration festivities did not cost nearly that much. But no one will say where the extra funds went.
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    What George W. Bush Really Thought of Donald Trump’s InaugurationThree sources heard the former president offer this slightly profane assessment of the event after he left the dais.
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    Genius Savagely Roasts Trump Adviser Roger Stone’s Inauguration Look on Twitter“My guy looks like a czarist Mr. Peanut.”
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    Viral 11-Year-Old Anti-Trump Fire-Starter Is Drew Carey’s Son“Screw our president,” Carey’s son told Fox News in an interview.
  7. Who Are the ‘Black Bloc’ Protesters Who Rioted on Inauguration Weekend?They have a particular hatred of Starbucks.
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    Kellyanne Conway Reportedly Punched a Man at an Inaugural BallFox Business correspondent Charlie Gasparino claims she threw some punches to break up a fight between “two guys in tuxes.”
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    Hockey Team Subtly Burns Trump via Jumbotron, Says 1.5 Million Attend GameThe Dallas Stars used the Jumbotron at their game to mock President Trump’s false claims that over a million people attended his inauguration.
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    The National Park Service’s Twitter Goes Rogue, Gets Banned From TweetingAfter retweeting photos pointing out the thin crowd at Trump’s inauguration compared to Obama’s in 2009, they were told to stop tweeting.
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    At Inaugural Balls Trump Talks ‘Enemies,’ Eats Plagiarized CakePastry chef Duff Goldman says they copied the cake he made for Obama in 2013.
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    White House Photographer Pete Souza Shares Final, Poignant Picture of ObamaThe picture features Obama looking down on the White House from a helicopter window. The caption reads “Farewell.”
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    Reliving the Inauguration Through Its Best and Funniest TweetsObama is out and Trump is in, but at least we have Twitter.
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    Donald Trump Cribbed a Line From Bane for His Inaugural SpeechOh boy.
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    President Trump Hasn’t Tweeted Yet and People Are Enjoying It While They CanInterestingly the @POTUS cover photo is a picture from Obama’s inauguration.
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    Trump’s New Twitter Photo Is From Obama’s 2009 InaugurationYou can tell from the large crowds.
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    Something Is Missing From Trump’s Inauguration … PeopleCompared to photos of Obama’s inauguration in 2009, Washington, D.C., looks like a ghost town.
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    Michelle Obama’s Awkward Facial Expressions Are the Fuel Keeping Twitter AliveThe Obamas and the Trumps met at the White House before the swearing-in ceremony.
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    This Grade-School Arsonist Is the First Viral Celebrity Protester“Because I felt like it, and I’m just saying … screw our president,” the boy said when asked about his actions.
  20. Trump Fired the Announcer of Every Inaugural Parade Since EisenhowerNo one knows whether he’s a Republican or a Democrat.
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    Talking Trump With Nigel Farage and the ‘Bad Boys of Brexit’The former U.K. Independence Party leader celebrates America’s “political revolution” in D.C.
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    More Than 50 Democratic Lawmakers Are Boycotting Trump’s InaugurationMore members of Congress have decided to sit out the festivities following Trump’s feud with civil-rights icon John Lewis.
  23. Bill and Hillary Clinton Will Attend the Trump InaugurationThey will do so out of a sense of duty, say two well-placed sources.
  24. Trump Didn’t Want Any Celebrities at His Inauguration, AnywayHe prefers “the PEOPLE.”