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Inauguration Day

  1. transition liveblog
    Biden Moves to Undo Trump Health Policies: Live UpdatesPresident Biden is signing executive actions that expand access to health care amid the pandemic and begin unraveling his predecessor’s policies.
  2. extremely online
    Okay, You Can Unmute @POTUS NowThe Twitter handle is under new management.
  3. inauguration day
    Return to Normalcy With Some Bernie Sanders MemesThe only man who dresses for January, ladies and gentlemen.
  4. we did it joe
    Jennifer Lopez Slips ‘Let’s Get Loud’ Into Her Biden Inauguration PerformanceA new era indeed.
  5. inauguration day
    Watch Lady Gaga Perform the National Anthem at the Biden InaugurationObama, Biden, Bush, and more attended a one-song Lady Gaga concert today.
  6. inauguration day
    Watch Amanda Gorman’s Historic Poetry Reading at the Biden Inauguration“But while democracy can be periodically delayed, it can never be permanently defeated.”
  7. inauguration day
    Garth Brooks Turns ‘Amazing Grace’ Into a Sing-along at Biden InaugurationHe even took off the hat.
  8. 2021 inauguration
    Our Vice President Is a Black WomanToday, Kamala Harris, who is Black and South Asian, became the first woman to ascend to the nation’s second highest office.
  9. reading the signs
    Good-bye to Trump’s Patriotic CosplayHe gave Americans of all stripes a chance to witness and play at masquerade. What will his supporters do with that impulse now?
  10. photo op
    The Top Six Photos of the Obamas Taking PhotosHere they are. 
  11. inauguration day
    The Obamas Didn’t Do Much Partying at the Inaugural BallsBeen there, done that.
  12. inauguration day
    Mitt Romney Spends Inauguration in CaliforniaEducated guess.
  13. photo op
    Guy in Tree Ruins InaugurationHe was an abortion protester, and he was loud. 
  14. inauguration day
    Twenty-One People Who Think Martin Luther King Jr. Is Rolling in His Grave TodayBecause of … things. 
  15. inauguration day
    Here Is President Obama Messing Up the Oath of Office, AgainWhy does this keep happening?
  16. photo op
    Scenes From Inauguration DayCold people, happy people, famous people, and overflowing garbage cans.