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Independent Redistricting Commissions

  1. politics
    New York Dems Might Be Able to Draw Republicans Out of a JobAn appellate court ordered the state’s congressional map be redrawn once again. But the legal battle isn’t over.
  2. politics
    Democrats Have a Chance to Undo New York’s Unfriendly Congressional MapA state court case is arguing that last year’s tumultuous redistricting process should be redone and that a new House map be drawn for 2024.
  3. 2022 midterms
    Will Republicans Gerrymander Their Way to a House Majority?Democratic efforts to thwart the GOP’s redistricting advantage don’t look promising. But there are practical limits to mapmaking mischief.
  4. redistricting
    State-Legislative Redistricting Is a Big Deal, TooWhile most people focus on congressional redistricting, the state-legislative-redistricting process is where Republicans may perpetuate their power.
  5. redistricting
    Democrats Face a Redistricting DisasterDemocrats missed many targets for flipping legislative chambers. Only the rise of independent commissions to draw maps is limiting the damage.