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  1. just asking questions
    Bill Gates on the Pandemic: ‘You Hope It Doesn’t Stretch Past 2022.’The philanthropist shares his thoughts about COVID-19 vaccines, America’s failures, and when we can expect real global relief.
  2. pivot
    Why Netflix Should Buy Spotify Right NowScott Galloway and Kara Swisher offer ideas on how Netflix could capitalize on its massive gains during the pandemic.
  3. international affairs
    Why Was There a Wave of Violence in India While Trump Was Visiting?In a sense it was a coincidence. And in a sense not.
  4. foreign interests
    What You Need to Know About India’s Power Grab in KashmirRevoking Kashmir’s special status ratcheted up tensions with Pakistan and China, threatening to ignite fresh conflict in the heavily militarized area.
  5. the national interest
    Trump: India Wants Me to Mediate Kashmir Conflict. India: No, We Don’t.Trump wanders into delicate standoff he doesn’t understand between two nuclear powers. What could go wrong?
  6. skirmish
    Things Are Getting Very Tense Between India and PakistanOn Wednesday, Pakistan says it shot down an Indian fighter jet and captured its pilot.
  7. e-commerce
    Can Amazon Compete in India When It Can’t Act Like a Monopoly?New policies in India will make it much harder for foreign behemoths like Amazon and Walmart to throw their weight around.
  8. the internet is for porn
    How Smartphones Got a Conservative Nation Hooked on PornIn 2012, three Indian politicians were forced to step down after they were caught watching porn during a session of Parliament.
  9. global tech
    Pregnant Women Can’t Easily Get Checkups in Rural India. This App Helps.SaveMom is a new wearable app that helps expectant mothers in rural areas keep track of their and their baby’s health when doctors are far away.
  10. select all
    WhatsApp Limits Message Forwarding in Hopes of Preventing KillingsViral videos and misinformation have led to multiple instances of mob violence.
  11. select all
    Indian Smartphone Users Running Out of Storage by Sending Too Many Nice MessagesGoogle couldn’t figure out why smartphones in India seemed to run out of space so quickly … it turns out “good morning” texts were the culprit.
  12. conflicts of interest
    Trump Met With His Indian Business Partners Last Week, Raising Pay-to-Play FearsBut Trump’s new chief of staff says the American people have nothing to worry about.
  13. India Is Using These Optical Illusions to Get Drivers to Slow DownThis is super trippy. 
  14. For the First Time in Recorded History, Someone Was Killed by a MeteoriteIt happened in India.
  15. Uber for God: Inside India’s Religious Tech Industry“Religion is the most viral business in India.”
  16. Hundreds Dead in India As Record Flooding ContinuesRescue efforts are still under way, as more rain is predicted.
  17. Did You Know You Can Pay Indian Kids $5 to Yell Out Memes?Internet culture is globalized, but it’s still horrible.
  18. the national interest
    India’s Climate-Change Plan Means Your Grandkids Might Not Be UnderwaterThe world’s soon-to-be-largest country steps up.
  19. natural disasters
    India Is Enduring a Deadly Heat WaveAt least 1,400 have been killed, as temperatures soar as high as 122 degrees Fahrenheit.
  20. uber
    India’s Solution to Sexual Assault Is Banning UberAfter an incident in the capital city.
  21. god is watching us
    In India, the Gods Are Watching You Pee in PublicAnd hope you won’t do it in public.
  22. tourism
    India Wants to Replicate the Worst Part of New York in MumbaiYup, it’s Times Square.
  23. very sad things
    Train Hits Schools Bus in India, Killing 19All but one was a child. 
  24. international affairs
    NYPD Officer Held in India for Carrying Bullets in His LuggageManny Encarnacion was arrested at the New Dehli airport in March.
  25. international affairs
    Indian Diplomat Accused of Mistreating Housekeeper Leaves the United StatesDevyani Khobragade flew back to India after she was indicted in New York on Thursday.
  26. other countries’ embarrassments
    Head of India’s FBI: When Life Gives You Rape Lemons, Make Rapemonade“If you can’t prevent rape, you enjoy it.”
  27. international intrigue
    Notorious Indian Gang Rapists Sentenced to Death by HangingToo lenient. 
  28. things that are awful
    Four Found Guilty in Fatal New Delhi Gang Rape They could be hanged.
  29. things that are awful
    Yet Another Woman Gang-Raped in IndiaThis time, the victim was a Swiss tourist.
  30. things that are terrible
    India Gang-Rape Suspect Hanged Himself in JailVictim’s brother says his fate was sealed.
  31. people who are better than you
    People Who Are Better Than You, Part XXIIAn Indian woman has been on a hunger strike for twelve years.
  32. terrible things
    Another Woman Was Gang-Raped in IndiaSix men have already been arrested.
  33. things that are terrible
    Indian Gang-Rape Victim Cremated, Her Attackers Charged With MurderWhile government claims it’ll do more to protect women.
  34. things that are terrible
    Indian Gang-Rape Victim Passed Away Today“Peacefully,” at least.
  35. international intrigue
    India’s Blackout Makes Every Other Blackout Ever Look Pathetic 600 million people are without power.
  36. international intrigue
    India Tests Missile Capable of Reaching China, EuropeChina does not approve.
  37. India Court Orders 21 Websites to Remove ‘Objectionable Content’Sites include Google, Yahoo, and Facebook.
  38. A More Effective Way to ProtestSnakes. Forty of ‘em.
  39. indian men with money
    Indian Business Titan Who Spent $1 Billion on Dream Home Isn’t Even Living ThereThis is really going to piss off Occupy Mumbai.
  40. photo op
    So This Happened in India YesterdayA leopard mauled eleven people and provided us with some amazing photos.
  41. ink-stained wretches
    A Look at the World’s Last Handwritten NewspaperThey know that computers exist, and they just choose not to use them.
  42. democracy now
    India Gets All China-y, Restricts Free Speech on the WebThis is not going to help Indo-American relations.
  43. obama in india
    Robert Gibbs Risks Own Foot for the American PressHis own foot!
  44. obama in india
    Obama Says He Supports India’s Bid for a Permanent Seat on the U.N. Security CouncilChina is not going to be happy about this.
  45. disconnected dots
    Great Moments in American CounterterrorismHow about that time we sent a drug dealer to Pakistan, and instead of helping us he plotted a massive terrorist attack in India?
  46. photo op
    President Obama in India: And Then They DancedHe’s getting back in the swing of things.
  47. obama in india
    Obama in India: ‘It Is Hard to Overstate the Importance of Asia to Our Economic Future’And he’s staying at the Taj Mahal.
  48. election hangover
    Republican Anger Over Cost of Obama’s Trip to India Will Not Be Stopped by FactsWhat are facts, anyway?
  49. obama is a human person
    Meanwhile, India Is Pretty Excited About President ObamaA look at the preparations under way.
  50. muslins
    American Islamophobia May Prevent Obama From Visiting Sikh Temple in IndiaBad America, bad!
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