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Individual Mandate

  1. supreme court
    Roberts and Kavanaugh Signal They May Save ObamacareTwo members of the Supreme Court’s conservative bloc indicate even if part of Obamacare is declared unconstitutional, the bulk of it will survive.
  2. supreme court
    Supreme Court to Delay Arguments on Obamacare Case Until After ElectionIt’s a small break for Republicans who didn’t want more preelection attention on their efforts to deny even more people health insurance.
  3. obamacare
    Trump, Intent on Self-Destruction, Asks Supreme Court to Kill ObamacareWhen you’re struggling in the polls amid a pandemic, renewing your fight to strip health coverage from millions of Americans isn’t a great move.
  4. obamacare
    Supreme Court Will Hear Obamacare Case Shortly Before the 2020 ElectionWhen the Court takes up this case, voters will get a reminder shortly before Election Day that Republicans want to take away health-care coverage.
  5. obamacare
    Judge Strikes Down Obamacare, but the GOP Should Hold Its ApplauseWhether the decision holds up or not, Republicans won’t like what comes next.
  6. A Couple Republican Elites Just Admitted Their Agenda Is Built on LiesTom Price just said repealing the individual mandate raises premiums — while Marco Rubio confessed that corporate tax breaks aren’t helping workers.
  7. Hopes Fade That Congress Will Stabilize ObamacareThe threat to the stability of Obamacare markets is greater than ever. Too bad Congress probably won’t do anything about it.
  8. 3.2 Million Americans Gave Up Health Insurance Last Year, Study FindsTrump didn’t repeal Obamacare — but he did help engineer the first increase in America’s uninsured rate since that law took effect.
  9. Republicans to Repeal Obamacare’s Individual Mandate in Tax BillThe GOP plans to reduce the number of Americans with health insurance by 13 million, so as to pay for giant corporate tax cuts.
  10. Trump Wants Republicans to Repeal the Obamacare Mandate in Their Tax BillRepealing the individual mandate would generate a nice chunk of change to offset tax cuts. But it would affect health coverage and premiums, too.
  11. Trump Suggests GOP Take Another Shot at Repealing Obamacare in Tax BillJust when you thought the politics of the tax bill couldn’t get any more complicated, Trump has an idea.
  12. New GOP Obamacare ‘Fix’ Alternative Is Really Just a Poison PillThe GOP has drafted a bill that won’t get any Democratic support.
  13. ‘Skinny Repeal’ Could Be Final Effort to Sell Trumpcare — Whatever Trumpcare IsThe GOP figures out new ways to delay making painful decisions about health-care policy.
  14. Senate Parliamentarian May Have Dealt Last, No-Kidding-Final Blow to TrumpcareBy excluding from Trumpcare indispensable features, the Senate parliamentarian has probably killed the bill unless McConnell nukes her rulings.
  15. Now What? Democrats Must Decide How to Exploit the Collapse of Trumpcare.Democrats could go small or big or refuse cooperation at all. But the party needs a strategy to deal with its sudden leverage over health-care policy.
  16. This Might Be the Most Odious Provision in TrumpcareThe Senate still needs a replacement for Obamacare’s individual mandate. Their idea could amount to a death sentence for uninsured cancer patients.
  17. ACA Repeal Is Forcing Republicans to Choose Between Conservatism and CompassionThe GOP realizes it can either throw sick people off their insurance (which is cruel) or retain government mandates (which isn’t conservative).
  18. Weakness of the ‘Tyrannical’ Mandate Is Weakening ObamacareConservatives claimed Obamacare’s individual mandate was tyrannical. If that were the case, we wouldn’t see insurers abandoning the exchanges.
  19. do no harm
    Individual Mandate Delayed for People Whose Plans Were CanceledThe rules are tweaked again.
  20. immigration reform
    House GOP Now Favors Health-Care Mandate, But Only for ImmigrantsIt’s totally different than Obama’s mandate.
  21. eye of newt
    Newt Gingrich Claims He Didn’t Write the 2006 ‘Newt Note’ Praising RomneyCareOf course. Why would Newt Gingrich have authored a “Newt Note” written in the first person?
  22. health carnage
    Clinton–Appointed Judge Rules Against Health-Care ReformThis is the first time this has happened.
  23. important ceilings
    John Boehner Figures He Might As Well Try to Destroy Health-Care Reform TooBoehner is bringing the individual mandate into discussion over the debt ceiling.