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  1. the money game
    Monday Was Just Another Horrible Day for MarketsThere are so many things going wrong that it’s hard to keep track.
  2. the money game
    How Rising Rents Crashed the Stock MarketTuesday’s decline in stocks was the largest in more than two years. A steep rise in housing inflation was a big reason.
  3. the money game
    Inflation Is Slowing, But More Pain Is ComingThe Federal Reserve is trying to show that it has the wherewithal to right the economy without blowing it up.
  4. the money game
    Pretty Soon You’ll Be Able to Afford Things AgainJuly’s inflation rate saw an unexpectedly large drop, driven by the price of gas. This could be the beginning of the end of the era of high prices.
  5. the economy
    So Are We in a Recession, or What?This economy is a bundle of contradictions, but today’s actions from the Federal Reserve mean a recession is unlikely.
  6. life after roe
    For Democrats, It’s Now Culture War or NothingDemocrats have an opportunity and responsibility to fight for abortion and other rights at a time when they just aren’t trusted on the economy.
  7. the city politic
    New York Can and Should Kill the Broker FeeNew York could defeat the real-estate lobby and join the rest of America.
  8. just asking questions
    ‘A Dangerous Level of Groupthink’Larry Summers on America’s inflation problem, the Federal Reserve’s late response, and the likelihood of a recession.
  9. economy
    Inflation Reaches Another Multi-Decade HighPrices spiked again in June. There is reason for hope, but much higher borrowing rates and a possible recession could loom on the other side.
  10. the money game
    Low Unemployment Won’t Save This EconomyThe labor market is still running hot, even after the Federal Reserve has been trying its hardest to slow things down.
  11. the money game
    It Could Be Years Before America’s Inflation Problem Is Under ControlThe Federal Reserve just raised rates by the most in 28 years, but its power to tame spiraling prices is limited.
  12. the money game
    The Case for Economic Optimism Is OverThis inflation problem is bad. Real, real bad.
  13. foreign interests
    Russia’s War in Ukraine Is Also a War on the Global Food SystemThe blockade of grain exports is exacerbating already high food prices and raising the risk of famine and instability across the world.
  14. the inside game
    Could Biden’s Post-Midterm Pivot Start at Treasury?Janet Yellen has become a face of the inflation problem. Business-friendly Gina Raimondo is rumored as a potential successor.
  15. the money game
    Money-Losing Season Is HereIt’s been a dismal year for everything from 401(k)s to cash savings to crypto. Expect more pain.
  16. the national interest
    Is the Democratic Party Giving Up Already?Defeatism and passivity settle over Washington.
  17. the national interest
    Joe Manchin Has Done a Terrible Job Fighting InflationThe pivotal senator would rather complain about prices than do anything about them.
  18. intelligencer chats
    America’s Economic Outlook Gets GloomierInflation is barely easing, making the Fed’s already tough job even more difficult.
  19. the national interest
    Biden Can Fight Inflation by Repealing Trump’s Tariffs. Why Hasn’t He?An easy response to the administration’s biggest problem is sitting in plain sight.
  20. the money game
    Jason Furman Saw Inflation Coming. Does He See Recession Too?The economist and former Obama adviser shares his thoughts on skyrocketing inflation, what the Fed needs to do, and what might happen next.
  21. the money game
    The Fed Just Raised the Odds of a RecessionInflation pushed the economy into a corner, but Wall Street might just come out as a winner.
  22. tish james
    Letitia James Is Going After Gas-Price GougersThe state attorney general is probing oil-industry practices, as companies like Exxon rake in big bucks while consumers pay more.
  23. the money game
    Most Americans Don’t Remember the Last Time Inflation Was This BadNew data shows that prices haven’t risen to this extent since 1981. But there is one significant bright spot.
  24. the money game
    Warning: Recession AheadThe Fed made the economy weird, and now no one knows exactly when it’s going to crash.
  25. inflation
    The Fed Can’t Save UsThere is little reason to believe that the central bank can significantly curb inflation without engineering a recession.
  26. politics
    Americans Ditch COVID Anxiety, Shift to Inflation WorriesThe issue landscape heading into the 2022 midterms is not looking good for Democrats.
  27. the money game
    ‘Buy the Dip’ Goes BustFrom Wall Street to r/WallStreetBets, traders find their pandemic strategy doesn’t work anymore.
  28. inflation
    Maybe Inflation Will Stay This High ForeverPrices are spiking — and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is only going to make things worse.
  29. economy
    The Economy Is Booming. Why Do Many Americans Think We’re in a Recession?Polling suggests people think recession just means economic trouble. They could get a refresher if the Fed hikes interest rates to combat inflation.
  30. the economy
    Brace Yourself: The Economy Is About to Get BumpierIs a recession the only way to stop inflation?
  31. inflation
    The Season of High Prices Has No End in SightOmicron kept people at home, and inflation followed them there.
  32. economy
    The Last Days of the Pandemic BoomMore people are entering the workforce, and they’re getting paid more than ever, but the Federal Reserve could reverse course soon.
  33. the economy
    5 Reasons Voters Underrate the Biden EconomyBy most objective measures, today’s economy isn’t bad. So why do Americans say the president is messing it up?
  34. economy
    Why Wall Street Freaked Out This WeekNobody knows when the economy will get better.
  35. the stock market
    3 Reasons Why Stocks Have Been PlummetingIt’s been a historically bad start to the year for markets.
  36. 2022 midterms
    When Life Stinks, the President’s Popularity SinksDemocrats’ unpopularity is probably the product of a generally unhappy country, not any particular misstep by President Biden.
  37. the law
    Biden’s Monopoly GamesBiden’s team was supposed to bring a shift in antitrust thinking, but its leaders sound a lot like the traditionalists they were supposed to replace.
  38. the money game
    5 Things to Know About This Red-Hot Inflation NumberThe Consumer Price Index rose 7 percent — the highest in four decades. Here are some real-world implications.
  39. the money game
    This Year’s Economy Will Come Down to Wednesday’s Inflation ReportOne way or another, we’re at the beginning of the end stages of the pandemic-era financial and monetary policies.
  40. the economy
    Who’s Afraid of Price Controls?We need new tools for combating inflation.
  41. the money game
    The Federal Reserve Just Declared War Against InflationYou might not know what “tapering” means — but it is Jerome Powell’s main tool to fight higher prices.
  42. the money game
    Here’s What You Can Blame for Everything Being So ExpensiveAt 6.8 percent, inflation is running higher than it has in 40 years. These three factors go a long way to explaining why.
  43. supply chains
    6 Signs That the Supply-Chain Crisis Is (Slowly) EndingAnd a couple reasons to worry that it won’t end anytime soon.
  44. inflation
    What Biden Should — and Shouldn’t — Do to Combat InflationThere’s no need to raise interest rates or cut spending. But there are a few things Biden can do to lower prices.
  45. just asking questions
    An Obama Economic Adviser on Biden’s Big Inflation Problem“I’ve long thought Washington was doing too little, but it has now overcorrected and done too much,” says Harvard’s Jason Furman.
  46. the economy
    Is Bitcoin Killing Gold?Goldbugs were screaming about inflation for years. It turns out being right didn’t mean getting rich.
  47. inflation
    Two Big Myths About Why Energy Prices Are RisingWhy Joe Biden and climate hawks are not responsible for soaring fossil-fuel costs.
  48. past is prologue
    American Politics Is Back to the FutureCrime, inflation, parental rights in schools aren’t new issues at all, but a blast from the Republican revival of the ‘70s and ‘80s.
  49. the national interest
    Maybe We Should Have Listened to Larry Summers’s Warnings About InflationHe likes Build Back Better!
  50. the economy
    It’s Official: The Era of Cheap Everything Is OverThe inflation rate has tripled since last year, putting gas, food, and stocks further out of reach.
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