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  1. conspiracy series
    Alex Jones Ordered to Pay Nearly $1 Billion to Sandy Hook FamiliesHe’s facing yet another trial determining defamation payouts later this year.
  2. conspiracist series
    Sandy Hook Parents Awarded Another $45 Million of Alex Jones’s MoneyThe Infowars founder has had an expensive week in court, and there are still two more trials to go against other Sandy Hook victims’ families.
  3. conspiracy series
    The Alex Jones Trial Is As Messy As You’d ExpectHe was ordered to pay $4.1 million to a Sandy Hook victim’s parents after a trial that saw him surprised by the revelation of his own texts.
  4. encounter
    Platforming a Platformer of the DeplatformedThe premiere of Alex Lee Moyer’s new Alex Jones documentary is a blockbuster anti-Establishment crossover event.
  5. alex jones
    Infowars Is Finally BrokeAlex Jones’s conspiracist website filed for bankruptcy, stalling the defamation settlements for families of Sandy Hook victims.
  6. infowars
    Alex Jones Settles Pepe the Frog LawsuitJones will pay creator Matt Furie $15,000 to avoid a trial and further legal fees.
  7. life in pixels
    Does Facebook Need a Constitution?Facebook’s gestures toward “free speech” make it sound like a liberal democracy. But where are its checks and balances?
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    Even Porn Sites Want Nothing to Do With Alex JonesPinterest and MailChimp also banned the Infowars host this week.
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    The Only Pressure Facebook Understands Is From Its Megaplatform RivalsNobody can force Facebook to do anything, unless they’re the competition.
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    Facebook, Apple, and Spotify Remove Infowars ContentAll three platforms cited “hate speech” as the reason.
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    Does Facebook Need a Constitution?Facebook’s gestures toward “free speech” make it sound like a liberal democracy. But where are its checks and balances?
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    Facebook Won’t Ban Infowars Because … Honestly It Doesn’t Have a Good ReasonFacebook called Infowars “really problematic,” but said it hasn’t done anything to warrant being banned.
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    Hero Adolescent Curses Out Infowars HostSmart!
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    Alex Jones’s Infowars Media Empire Is Built to Sell Snake-Oil Diet SupplementsHow does Alex Jones make money? It’s not advertising, and it’s not subscriptions.
  15. The Alt-Right Is Debating Whether Bannon Needs a Better Press Strategy“He has a lot of friends out on the internet who love him, but we are all still waiting for him to unleash the beast.”
  16. Alex Jones Is Just ‘Playing a Character,’ According to His LawyerThe conspiracy goes deeper than we thought.
  17. alternative facts
    Trump Is All-in on an Infowars-Approved Voter-Fraud Conspiracy TheoryUp until now, Trump and his staff have generally pointed, misleadingly, to mainstream studies to support the claim. Not anymore.
  18. Finally, Someone Is Standing Up to Fake News: InfowarsNot the hero we need, but the hero we deserve.
  19. Alex Jones Says Our Next President Will Soon Be on His ShowThe radio host — who has claimed that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax — says Donald Trump will appear on his show in the “next few weeks.”
  20. early and … sigh
    Donald Trump Joins Alex Jones’s InfowarsDonald Trump finally found a journalist whose theories about 9/11 are even more discredited than his own. 
  21. conspiracies
    N.H. Lawmaker Says Boston Was a Government JobThis lady is absolutely nuts. 
  22. osama bin killed
    The Dumbest Deather TheoryBin Laden’s dead body has been preserved, on ice, for nearly ten years.