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Infrastructure Spending

  1. McConnell Says No to Ryan’s Dream of Cutting Entitlements in 2018Ryan wants to use power to achieve ideological goals. McConnell wants power for power’s sake.
  2. Donald Trump Wants to Add a Ballroom to the White House. Where Will It Go?A 100-by-200-foot shiny, black two-story box on the South Lawn would be such a statement.
  3. The OECD Endorses the Agenda of an Imaginary President TrumpThe OECD says Trump’s agenda will spur global growth, assuming that agenda includes free trade, subsidized child care, and job-retraining programs.
  4. Steve Bannon Says ‘Darkness Is Good’ — and So Is Deficit SpendingTrump’s chief strategist says America should spend billions on infrastructure while interest rates are low … and that “darkness” gives him “power.”
  5. Here Are the Top 3 Items on Hillary Clinton’s 2017 AgendaClinton plans to pursue a trio of policy goals that have attracted some GOP support in the past — but (almost certainly) won’t in the near future.