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Infrastructure Week

  1. the national interest
    Republican Infrastructure Supporters Facing Right-Wing PurgeThe only good infrastructure bill is a Trump infrastructure bill.
  2. politics
    What’s in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill?Here’s how the $1.2 trillion package, which is expected to be signed into law soon, will fund roads, bridges, water cleanup, and broadband internet.
  3. infrastructure week
    5 Reasons Biden Got His Bipartisan Infrastructure DealMitch McConnell is poised to hand the president a big win. Here’s why.
  4. the national interest
    The Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal Is Probably Doomed, AlasThe system actually doesn’t work.
  5. high drama
    Trump v. Pelosi: Anatomy of a FeudA timeline of the president’s ongoing fight with the Speaker of the House
  6. the national interest
    Trump Refuses to Repair Infrastructure Unless Congress Halts All InvestigationsPresident holds gun to his own approval ratings.
  7. infrastructure week
    The New ‘Infrastructure Deal’ Is Why We Can’t Have Nice ThingsThe bipartisan negotiations over infrastructure illustrate three of the biggest problems with American politics today.