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  1. texas
    Water Shortages Still Plague Texas in Aftermath of Winter Storm: UpdatesPresident Biden has signed a major disaster declaration, half the state is facing a water shortage, and the political fallout is intensifying.
  2. gulp
    Could the Florida Water-Supply Hacking Happen in New York City?Good news: There are a lot of checks and tests that go on here. But that doesn’t mean we’re careful enough.
  3. infrastructure
    Trump Called Himself the ‘Builder President.’ But What Did He Actually Build?A short, grim list of projects he completed while in office.
  4. street view
    Penn Station’s New Train Hall Is Only a Start. But at Least We’re Starting.A grand entrance to a rail system that needs much more.
  5. street view
    How Joe Biden Can Be the Amtrak President New York NeedsStart with a new Hudson River tunnel and build from there.
  6. coronavirus stimulus
    How a Second Stimulus Check Could Be Approved After the ElectionIf Pelosi and Mnuchin can’t do a deal before Election Day, a lot of possibilities and perils will emerge — not all of them good.
  7. the top line
    Fixing the MTA Bureaucracy Has to Start at the Top: With Andrew CuomoThe mourning over Andy Byford’s departure highlights the agency’s dysfunction: New Yorkers want a savior rather than just a competent manager.
  8. the top line
    Why We Can’t Figure Out Why American Infrastructure Is So ExpensiveAnd why it’s going to be so expensive to find an answer.
  9. urban planning
    Why New York Can’t Have Nice ThingsIt costs three times more to build a subway station here than in London or Paris. What if we could change that?
  10. chuck schumer
    Schumer to Trump: Give Us Green Infrastructure, or We’ll Give You NoneThe Democrats (wisely) make Trump an offer he can’t accept.
  11. life after warming
    UN Says Climate Genocide Is Coming. It’s Actually Worse Than That.The real meaning of the IPCC report isn’t “climate change is worse than you think.” We knew that. It’s “you now have permission to freak out.”
  12. the national interest
    Trump Made 6 Populist Promises. He Has Now Broken Them All.Trump ran to the left on the economy. While nobody was looking, he abandoned his last promise to be a different kind of Republican.
  13. the national interest
    Trump Promised a Yuge Infrastructure Bill. White House Said It’s Not Happening.We’ll always have the many Infrastructure Weeks.
  14. Trump Has No Infrastructure Plan. Blame the GOP.Republicans’ obsession with ever-lower taxes — and ever-higher defense spending — makes it impossible to fund the government’s most basic functions.
  15. Despite Fatal Accidents, Train Safety Still Isn’t a Top Priority for WashingtonMore pressing than Trump’s fanciful infrastructure plan: Why haven’t we implemented technology that could have prevented hundreds of train deaths?
  16. Trump’s Infrastructure ‘Plan’ Is Shoddily Built — and Sure to CollapseThe president’s new blueprint is short on details, long on absurd assumptions.
  17. Trump’s W.H. Stops Feigning Bipartisanship Because It Has No Legislative AgendaFor Trump and Pence, “bipartisanship” now means attacking centrist Democrats for not supporting them in 2017.
  18. Trump’s ‘Unity’ Speech Was Actually Extremely PartisanWe were told Trump would offer an uplifting appeal to bipartisanship tonight. That was false advertising.
  19. Trump Administration’s Big Plan to Nationalize 5G Network Is DOAFrom bold idea to widespread rejection in about 12 hours.
  20. 6 Times Trump Derailed His Own Infrastructure PlanFrom competing with Comey’s testimony to telling lawmakers his administration’s rebuilding strategy won’t work.
  21. Trump Said to Sour on Infrastructure Plan His Team Is Still PushingHe reportedly told GOP leaders public-private partnerships won’t work, then Gary Cohn promoted them a day later.
  22. Doug Jones to Enter Senate As a Regular Democrat Who’s Open to BipartisanshipWhile you can expect him to reflect Alabama sensitivities in the Senate, he’s not going to be a Democrat in name only.
  23. Trump Reacts to Train Crash by Tweeting About His TBA Infrastructure PlanThis doesn’t make any sense from a political or human-behavior perspective.
  24. Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Is Almost Done — and Already DeadThe president is betting that Democrats will vote for $200 billion in cuts to social programs, for the sake of giving him a win.
  25. infrastructure
    Bill de Blasio, New York’s Putterer-in-ChiefA mayor who contents himself with piling up small achievements instead of making sweeping change.
  26. Trump Scraps Infrastructure Council Before It’s Ever FormedUnder President Trump, infrastructure can’t catch a break.
  27. summer of hell
    Plan for Fancy Light Shows on Bridges Jeered in City Where Subways Don’t WorkThe dismal state of the MTA is becoming a real problem for Andrew Cuomo.
  28. Donald Trump Is a Victim of Congressional Republicans’ IncompetenceThe GOP should blame its own lack of policy vision — not the president — for Trumpcare’s demise.
  29. cybersecurity
    Russian Hackers Infiltrated U.S. Energy Business NetworksThere is no sign that the power-plant control systems were affected by the breaches.
  30. The New South Ferry Station Finally Reopens After Hurricane SandyIt took five years and about $350 million in renovations after the stop was inundated by the superstorm.
  31. commutes from hell
    Cuomo and Christie Would Like Someone Other Than Amtrak to Run Penn StationAfter a recent string of commuter nightmares at the rail hub, the governors demand big changes.
  32. Trump Says Infrastructure Plan Is ‘Largely Completed,’ Just Weeks AwayBut then, the president says a lot of things.
  33. projects
    New York’s East Side Is Getting a Waterfront PathThe long-awaited project just got an infusion of cash from the mayor’s office to renovate a stretch near the United Nations.
  34. Exhibiting the Art of the Deal, Jerry Brown Gets His Infrastructure Bill PassedAs Trump’s infrastructure package struggles for life, California Democrats enacted theirs on a tight schedule with a few timely deals.
  35. l train apocalypse
    L Train Apocalypse May Be Slightly Shorter Than ExpectedThe MTA now expects the repairs to take 15 months instead of 18.
  36. Trump Hopes to Tackle Tax Reform and Infrastructure SimultaneouslyAfter failing to get Trumpcare to the House floor, the president has (reportedly) decided he can push two major policies through Congress at once.
  37. 6 Promises That President Trump’s Budget BetraysWe’re going to “free the Earth from the miseries of disease” — by cutting $5.8 billion from the National Institutes of Health?
  38. Trump Aims to Pass $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan Right After Tax CutsOnce he’s done with Obamacare and tax reform, Trump hopes to fund highway renovation, high-speed rail, and, possibly, Elon Musk’s Hyperloop.
  39. select all
    How a Typo Broke the Internet on TuesdayThanks to increased infrastructure centralization, the internet is five hours of Amazon downtime away from anarchy.
  40. Trump Trillion-Dollar Infrastructure Package Likely to Be Delayed Until MañanaNice as Trump’s infrastructure talk has been, there’s no plan, no money, and no momentum for it at present. So looks like it’s on the back burner.
  41. Yes, There Is a Trump Infrastructure Project Already Under Way: Building PrisonsThe for-profit prison industry looks forward to a border boom thanks to Trump’s executive order on stepping up immigrant detentions.
  42. Trump Leaves Republicans in the Dark About His — and Their –- PlansRepublicans meeting in Philadelphia were confused about their agenda and in dire need of presidential guidance. Instead they got a campaign speech.
  43. shovel ready
    Trump’s Infrastructure-Project List Features Biggies in NYCThere are 50 total on the $137.5 billion plan for “emergency and national security” projects.
  44. state of the state
    New York City’s Second-Worst Airport Might Also Get an UpgradeGovernor Cuomo proposes a $10 billion redevelopment plan for JFK.
  45. Janet Yellen Raises Interest Rates, Risks Riling Up TrumpThe Fed and its chairman bumped rates by a quarter point but didn’t change growth forecasts.
  46. Trump Picks Elaine Chao for Transportation SecretaryChao would have a key role in shaping Trump’s infrastructure plan — a policy that her husband Mitch McConnell has displayed little enthusiasm for.
  47. Trump Team Floats ‘Infrastructure Bank’ After Campaigning Against OneBut his plan for fixing America’s roads and bridges has bigger problems than mere hypocrisy.
  48. Time to Bid Farewell to Penn Station’s Iconic Amtrak Departures BoardIt will soon be replaced by many smaller digital displays.
  49. Art Installations and Light Shows Will Replace Tollbooths on NYC BridgesIt’s the latest infrastructure plan from Governor Cuomo.
  50. infrastructure
    Delayed Technology Upgrade Might Have Prevented Hoboken Train WreckAll U.S. passenger trains are required to install positive train control software by the end of 2018.
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