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  1. environment
    Scenes From a Flooded New York Subway evacuations, school day chaos, a missing mayor, and at least one fugitive sea lion.
  2. city people
    What Dan Doctoroff BuiltUnder Mayor Bloomberg, the power broker remade the city with astonishing speed. Now, as New York is again mired in crisis, he faces his own.
  3. infrastructure
    Mississippi’s Largest City Doesn’t Have Enough WaterJackson’s long-plagued water system has effectively collapsed, leaving the more than 150,000 residents of the majority Black city in crisis.
  4. encounter
    Pete Buttigieg Is Living His Best LifeHow billions of dollars in infrastructure funds turned the Transportation secretary into a D.C. power broker.
  5. infrastructure
    Climate Change Is Putting More Poop in New York’s WatersA crappy side effect of all this rain.
  6. the national interest
    9 Moderate Democrats Threaten to Tank Entire Biden PresidencyDemocrats have stuck together, until now.
  7. andrew cuomo resignation
    We Just Got a Reprieve From Cuomo’s Worst Transit IdeasSo we might not get stuck with that LGA AirTrain anymore.
  8. the national interest
    Why Mitch McConnell Is Giving Joe Biden a Bipartisan Infrastructure WinI thought Republicans would kill it. Here’s what I got wrong.
  9. explainer
    How the GOP’s Long War on the IRS Threatens the Infrastructure DealThe bipartisan deal is financed by ramped-up tax enforcement. But for decades, Republicans have been devoted to defunding and demonizing the IRS.
  10. the national interest
    Conservatives Still Using the Fake Obama IRS Scandal to Defund the Tax PoliceAn imaginary 2013 IRS scandal returns to justify protecting wealthy tax cheats.
  11. infrastructure
    McConnell Threatens to Kill Bipartisan Infrastructure DealIf Republicans abandon the deal, Democrats can just add it to their own budget reconciliation bill and leave the GOP out of it altogether.
  12. politics
    House Democrats Can Blow Up Biden’s Agenda, TooJoe Manchin and other Senate centrists get all the flak, but it would only take five rebel Democrats to derail key House votes.
  13. infrastructure
    ‘We Have a Deal’: Biden Endorses Senators’ Bipartisan Infrastructure PlanThe deal can only hang together if Democrats, including Joe Manchin, can unite around a reconciliation bill to enact the rest of Biden’s agenda.
  14. infrastructure
    Democrats Are Locked In a Staring Contest Over InfrastructureThe question is whether liberals or moderates will blink first.
  15. politics
    Democrats Move Ahead With Plan to Pass Rest of Biden AgendaWhether or not an infrastructure deal is cut with Republicans.
  16. bipartisanship
    Biden’s Extended Dance With Republicans May Be What the Public WantsAmericans want politicians to try to cut deals, and then implement their party’s agenda as ruthlessly as possible. That could be Biden’s plan.
  17. infrastructure
    The Case for (and Against) a ‘Skinny’ Infrastructure DealAccepting a bipartisan “skinny” deal could win Biden the goodwill of moderate Democrats — or cost him all leverage over them.
  18. politics
    When Will Congress Move on Biden’s Agenda?Democrats’ timetable has slowed, as they are pursuing bipartisan deals and haven’t settled on a legislative strategy. But it will be a busy summer.
  19. infrastructure weak
    The Bipartisan Infrastructure Negotiations Are Ready to DieNo progress has been made on the fundamental obstacles to a deal. Democrats should cut bait posthaste.
  20. our climate
    Adam Tooze on Climate Politics After COVIDThe eminent economic historian on the inadequacy of Biden’s climate plan, American provincialism, and whether enlightened capital will save us all.
  21. our climate
    We’ll Innovate Our Way Out of the Climate Crisis or Die TryingThe chasm between the ecologically necessary and the politically possible can only be bridged by technological advance.
  22. explainer
    What We Know About the Colonial Pipeline ShutdownThe pipeline is now flowing as of 5 p.m. on Wednesday, though the company says it will take several days for supply to return to normal.
  23. immigration
    Reconciliation May Not Solve Democrats’ Immigration WoesAs with the $15 minimum wage, a path to citizenship could succumb to a Senate parliamentarian’s ruling. And then there’s Joe Manchin.
  24. politics
    The GOP’s Barebones AmericaBehind a narrow definition of infrastructure lies a narrow vision for the country.
  25. capitol hill
    Chuck Schumer Has ChangedWhy is the former “angry centrist” pushing his party to go bigger, bolder, and more progressive?
  26. infrastructure
    GOP to Biden: Raise Taxes on Our Rural Base, Not Coastal ElitesBiden wants to fund infrastructure with taxes on the (largely coastal) corporate elite. Republicans insist on soaking their own base instead.
  27. the economy
    The Biden Boom Has BegunJobless claims are falling, factory production is rising, and retail sales are skyrocketing as Biden’s stimulus kicks in.
  28. infrastructure
    Moderate Republicans Accuse Biden of Trying to Pass His AgendaRepublicans suspect that Biden will forgo bipartisanship and pass a partisan infrastructure bill. Here are five reasons why they’re probably right.
  29. infrastructure
    Biden’s Vision for ‘Care Infrastructure’ Needs More SocialismMeeting the demand for high-quality elder care — while raising wages for those who provide it — would require radical measures.
  30. budget reconciliation
    Democrats Get One More Big Bill This Year That Cannot Be FilibusteredThe Senate Parliamentarian agrees with Schumer’s multiple-reconciliation-bill theory, which could make Republican obstruction irrelevant.
  31. the national interest
    Republicans Love Infrastructure, Unless It’s Paid for, or Not Paid forDoesn’t leave a lot of options.
  32. pivot
    Why Infrastructure Is Really an Investment in the Middle ClassKara Swisher and Scott Galloway chat about how President Biden’s plan would benefit people over corporations.
  33. donald trump
    Trump Calls On Biden to Let Global Capital Dictate U.S. Tax PolicyThe ex-president argues that raising taxes on multinational corporations to pay for American infrastructure is a “globalist betrayal.”
  34. the national interest
    The Fake Republican Fight With Corporate AmericaStick it to Big Business by … keeping its taxes low.
  35. the national interest
    For Republicans, the Time Is Never Quite Right to Tax the RichCan’t tax the rich during or after a pandemic.
  36. infrastructure
    3 Quick Takes on Biden’s Infrastructure PlanDemocrats should worry less about deficits and more about spending as much on green-technology research and development as possible.
  37. politics
    What Is in Biden’s $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan?From modernizing roads to upgrading schools to preparing for the next pandemic, here’s a look at the massive proposal by the numbers.
  38. infrastructure
    Here’s the Real Obstacle to Biden’s $4 Trillion Infrastructure BillSome moderate Democrats have a limited appetite for deficit spending, while others can’t stomach large tax hikes.
  39. proclamations of emperor manchin
    Joe Manchin May Be Pulling Biden Left on InfrastructureThe senator wants an “enormous” package paid for with tax hikes. That could derail Biden’s plan to seek bipartisan buy-in.
  40. politics
    What Will Be in the Next Big Democratic Bill?Deciding what can and can’t go into the next budget reconciliation bill will be a real and consequential puzzle for Democrats.
  41. jerome powell
    Fed to Biden: The Money Printer’s Still Got Plenty of InkJerome Powell applauded Congress’s new stimulus package Wednesday, while encouraging it to take further action on “the investment front.”
  42. centrism
    Centrist Dems Demand Infrastructure Bill Include Tax Hikes on RichIn a blow for the left, moderates say that they will only support Biden’s multitrillion-dollar green jobs plan if it includes a corporate tax hike.
  43. build back better
    Why Biden’s Next Bill May Be a ‘China Package’Fear of China’s economic strength has spurred bipartisan support for public investment in U.S. manufacturing.
  44. texas
    Water Shortages Still Plague Texas in Aftermath of Winter Storm: UpdatesPresident Biden has signed a major disaster declaration, half the state is facing a water shortage, and the political fallout is intensifying.
  45. gulp
    Could the Florida Water-Supply Hacking Happen in New York City?Good news: There are a lot of checks and tests that go on here. But that doesn’t mean we’re careful enough.
  46. infrastructure
    Trump Called Himself the ‘Builder President.’ But What Did He Actually Build?A short, grim list of projects he completed while in office.
  47. street view
    Penn Station’s New Train Hall Is Only a Start. But at Least We’re Starting.A grand entrance to a rail system that needs much more.
  48. street view
    How Joe Biden Can Be the Amtrak President New York NeedsStart with a new Hudson River tunnel and build from there.
  49. coronavirus stimulus
    How a Second Stimulus Check Could Be Approved After the ElectionIf Pelosi and Mnuchin can’t do a deal before Election Day, a lot of possibilities and perils will emerge — not all of them good.
  50. the top line
    Fixing the MTA Bureaucracy Has to Start at the Top: With Andrew CuomoThe mourning over Andy Byford’s departure highlights the agency’s dysfunction: New Yorkers want a savior rather than just a competent manager.
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